Chiseled Abs Workout

Chiseled Abs Workout

Get a sneak peak into our 10 Week Build a Booty Program!

With this 10 Week Booty Building Program we will focus on growing the booty, but also work the entire body throughout the program to slim down the waist too.

With each exercise focus on the muscles that you are working squeezing on every rep to get the most out of the program. This program is going to help to shape, lift and build the glutes.

Rest days will vary each week and workouts will range from 30-60 minutes.


Chiseled Abs Workout

This is just one of the many workouts from the program and super fun as Top Knot Strong targets your abs in every exercise and rep. 

If you like this workout, you will definitely be ready to try out the rest of the program and continue to build, shape, and tone the booty that you desire! 


Start accessing the whole program today! 


chiseled abs workout top knot strong


  1. Mountain Climbers - starting in plank position with hands flat on the ground directly under your shoulders, alternate pulling one knee in on each side one at a time as fast as you can (the left knee and right knee in and out equals one rep)
  2. Plank Hold - holding the plank with hands flat on the ground directly under your shoulders, keep back flat and looking a couple inches in front of your finger tips, hold for 30 seconds and remember to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth
  3. Slider Tuck Ins - up in the same plank position and one slider under each foot on your toes, bring both knees in together at the same time towards your elbows, extend them back out making your legs straight for each rep 
  4. Skaters - standing with feet together, jump/step one foot out to the left side, cross the right leg behind the left while twisting torso to the left side, repeat going back towards the right side (both sides equal one rep)
  5. Standing Side Knee Pulls - standing with feet about hip width apart, shift all of your weight to the left leg, fingertips up behind your ears on both sides, lift the right knee up on the right side towards your right elbow, lower the right leg back down and tap the toes on the ground for each rep
  6. Switch Kicks - start standing with feet together, raise the left leg straight up in front of you, lower the left leg back down while you jump and lift the right leg straight up in front of you, both sides equal one rep
  7. Straight leg lifts - lying flat on the ground, place your hands under your glutes, lift both legs straight together lifting your feet towards the ceiling and lower back down for each rep
  8. Bicycle Crunches - lying on the ground, place your finger tips behind your ears on both sides, lift legs straight a couple inches off of the ground, bend the right leg bringing the knee towards your left elbow, switch by straightening the right leg back out and bending the left knee at the same time bringing your left knee towards your right elbow (both sides count as one rep)


Let us know what you think of this workout and if you want to see more workouts from Top Knot Strong! 

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