The Importance of Rest when it comes to your Physical and Mental Health

The Importance of Rest when it comes to your Physical and Mental Health

Why Is Rest so important?

Life is hard with work, stress, family and working out. We tend not to rest enough and it can be hurting us more than we know. 

Here are some reason why rest is so important to you health and fitness goals. 


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The Importance of Rest when it comes to your Physical and Mental Health

The Importance of Rest when it comes to your Physical and Mental Health


The first reason why rest rest is so important to your health and fitness goals is that rest gives time for your body to recovery from working out.

During your rest or off time the awesome beneficial effects of exercise take place.  Rest is important for growing your muscle and seeing reductions in body fat.

When you workout you use up your bodies carbohydrate stores. And your body needs at least 24 hours to fully replace your carbohydrates.

Maintaining your stores of muscle glycogen is important for giving you the energy for your training and maintaining stable blood sugar levels.

This also helps in your daily life because you have the energy to do things and you will be happier.


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By getting enough rest, you can prevent fatigue.

This keeps you safe when you are working out. 

Regular rest is essential for staying safe during exercise.

If your body is overworked, you are more likely to loose form, drop a weight on your foot, or take a wrong step and fall. Overtraining also exposes your muscles to repetitive stress and strain.

This increases the risk of overuse injuries, forcing you to take more rest days than planned.



Another reason why rest is so important  is when you don’t get enough rest, it can be hard to do your normal routine, and  challenge yourself with weights or workouts.

For example, you might be less motivated to do an extra rep or run another mile. Even if you push yourself, overtraining decreases your performance.

You may experience reduced endurance slow reaction times, and poor agility. You can stop this from happening by getting enough rest. 

It increases energy and prevents fatigue, which prepares your body for consistently successful workouts.

When you do activities it increases energy-boosting hormones like cortisol and adrenaline.

Constant exercise, however, overproduces these hormones. You’ll have a hard time getting quality sleep, which only worsens fatigue and exhaustion.

Rest can help you get better sleep by letting your hormones return to a normal, balanced state



Rest is important because it helps you have better workouts, better results and a happy. Reason one boosts your energy, reason two better results, reason three prevents injuries and overtraining, and reason four improves mood.


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