How Kamila Made Small Changes for Long-Term Results

How Kamila Made Small Changes for Long-Term Results



Here's what Kamila had to say about making the small changes:

"I have always had weight problems, where my weight would be up one minute and the next day, I would gain 5 lbs. For a really long time, I felt like I knew what to eat in my mind, but I just couldn't have a meal without some type of sweets afterward or before. 

So I would eat something healthy and then have to have an enormous slice of cake, especially cheesecake or ice cream. This was a big issue as diabetes genetically runs in my family. But I realize that I didn't want to be another statistic.

I started exercising, just taking it slow because after the birth of my second child, dealing with post-partum depression and becoming a current weight of 200 lbs, and  which is my highest weight to date, I decide to make a change.

I knew about exercises, but nutrition-wise, I was lost. I mean, here I am, a health coach who had learned about exercises and the proper foods to eat for fuel but I had no idea on how to meal prep properly. Sure, I knew how to have Taco Tuesday, and Meatless Mondays but what I didn't know was how to create healthy meals that myself and my whole family would love and that was hard because my family are full of picky-eaters."


"That's when I came across my good friend Sarah. She helped me learn about healthier substitutes to the foods we already ate, and how to properly meal prep for consistency.

So now, I prep veggies and meats, put what I don't use in the freezer for later and create breakfast, lunch and dinner meals for my whole family. I really want to thank Sarah for helping me when I felt overwhelmed and assured me that it's okay to not be a size 0.

As long as you are building your body for health, or to be stronger within yourself, you are being true to authentically you!"



Kamila has been a joy to work with over the years and has been open to learning and growing on her journey to make the changes she needs to reach her goals. 

Some of the things that she enjoys learning about is food and how she can make the small changes that will help to make all of the difference! 

Here are some of her favorite clean eating snacks below.

 clean eating snacks

She also learned that losing weight meant that she had to change her relationship with food and how she viewed it on a daily basis. The emotional connection we have with food makes a huge difference on the role it plays in our lives and where we are right now. 

If we change the way we view food and our emotional connections to it, we can change our daily eating habits to make better choices. 

This is where Emotions Vs. Science comes in. How do you view your food? 

 emotion vs science of food


The keys to making lasting changes like Kamila:

  • Change your daily habits and turn them into healthier one's slowly. It's not a race. If you make small changes each week to focus on, you will set yourself up to make these new changes healthier habits and second nature to you.
  • Find healthier options for the foods you love and start to change and substitute them to make healthier choices daily. It's not what you just do today, it is what you eat consistently. 
  • Take your emotional connection away from your food. Really think about how food plays a role in your life with a more scientific approach. It will change how you view your food and the next time you are upset and just wanting a cookie. 


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