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Top Knot Strong Academy - 12 Week Fitness and Nutrition Coaching

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This is a 12 week one-on-one online coaching course to help you transform into the bad-ass you know you are. 


✔ Mindset Coaching to break the cycle of emotional eating

✔ All the tools you need to develop a healthier and balanced lifestyle that works for you

✔ A 100% customized nutrition plan & 100% personalized fitness plan

✔ Form checks for the exercises to make sure they are done properly

✔ An approved foods list to swap out anything and to pick and choose from

✔ Macro & calorie targets already calculated for you

✔ A comprehensive workbook to cover everything over the next 12 weeks

✔ An easy to use app where you will be able to view your entire plan (available on iPhone and Android)

✔ Weekly check-ins and adjustments as needed

✔ Lifetime access to our exclusive Top Knot Strong clients page 

This is for you if:

  • You are a woman who struggles with over eating only to end up feeling guilty about it afterwards. 
  • You are someone who is sick and tired of not being able to feel or see results no matter what they try.
  • You are wondering how the heck to maintain a healthy balance in your nutrition and gym routine on top of your every day life. 
  • You struggle with having enough energy in your day to get everything done.
  • You want to know what the heck to do on a daily basis to show up and be confident in your plan giving you the results that you desire. 


How can the Academy benefit you?

By joining the Top Knot Strong Academy you will finally get the personalized training and nutrition guidance you need to make your goals a reality. 

Addressing your relationship with food, giving you workouts that are customized to fit your goals and needs, and constant support from me to reach your goals.

As a woman I found it difficult to figure out how what to eat and how to workout to burn fat, boost energy, and how to get my confidence back. I found myself feeling defeated with my weight constantly fluctuating up and down and left hungry at the end of the day with little results to show for it. 

Let us take the stress off of you and show you how I managed to lose the weight, build lean muscle, and increase my metabolism to be able to eat more without killing myself in the gym every day and cutting out everything that I love completely. 

*Be sure to read over the welcome guide first after purchase so we can start making your plan today!*

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