6 Week Kick Start Program

6 week kick start workout program

✔ Perfect for beginners on their fitness journey

✔ My guide to build healthier habits & break old ones

✔ Access to an active Facebook group with 100's of supportive women

✔ Access to private videos of all exercises in app

✔ 6 week beginner workout plan



Plan Overview:

This is a 6 week full-body training program. Used to Kick Start your fitness journey. Set up for 3 full body training days, 2 active recovery days, along with 2 rest days of your choice per week. 

You'll have access to a private video library that corresponds with your workouts throughout the program all located in an app that is easy to use and track your progress. 


What You'll Learn:


  • proper technique and form of each exercise
  • how to train different muscle groups all from home
  • different methods and variations of exercises to keep your body guessing


  • how to calculate & track macros
  • guidance on food selection to reach your macronutrient goals


What You'll Get:

  • a 6 week complete training program
  • private video library all in an easy to use app
  • access to the Top Knot Strong Tribe community where you can get help
  • weekly check-ins and continued support



Can this program fit a wide variety of goals?

This program is intended for beginners in getting started on their journey right from home. With the nutrition you can choose whether you want to lose weight, build lean muscle, or both!

Do I need access to a gym?

No, you won't need access to a gym with this program. You will just need two sets of dumbbells. One light and one heavier set. Usually a set of 5 lbs and a set of 10 lbs is good for most to use. You will also need one resistance band with handles and about a 10 lb resistance.

Where can I see the workouts for the week?

You will be able to instantly access your workouts right from the app after getting all set up in the app. You will be able to see the calendar and move the workouts around for the week to fit your schedule as needed. 

Is this program suitable for beginners?

Yes, this program is perfect for beginners in learning different exercises targeting the whole body.