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Top Knot Strong specializes in helping women to create balanced and confident results when it comes to their health and wellness. 



What Top Knot Strong offers:

Custom Nutrition Plans
Customizable Nutrition Plans where you are not starving and having to eat salads every single day.
Personalized Training Plans
Personalized Fitness Plans where you are not killing yourself in your workouts just to burn extra calories.
One on One Mindset Coaching
1-on-1 coaching to ensure that we develop the right mindset and ease to getting the results that you deserve.

This Workout Plan includes:

  • How to calculate your calories based on your goals and needs.
  • Gives you macros to follow.
  • 6 Days of workouts with one rest day for the week for the intermediate to advanced fitness levels.
  • Goes over how to continue even after the week is over to continue to get best results.


Why you should download the Free Bikini Body Training:

  • Learn what it takes to develop your ideal bikini body without losing all muscle and shape.
  • Challenge yourself by changing up your routine and breaking through plateaus.
  • See what one week of workouts can look like from Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Sarah Facemire, at Top Knot Strong. 



Sarah Facemire - Top Knot Strong

Sarah Facemire was a defeated emotional eater turned NPC bikini competitor and motivational expert. Her specialty is teaching women to get out of their own head to work through and overcome what has been holding them back to create their dream bod. 

Her passion runs deep for helping women crush their health and fitness goals, so they gain confidence in their own skin, become strong physically and mentally to adapt and overcome anything that comes their way in life.


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