Bikini Competition Prep Packages

Top Knot Strong is your all in one stop shop when it comes to prepping for your Bikini Competition.

Coaching, training plans, nutrition plans, posing sessions, posing suits, and even competition suits all in preparation for your show day! 


Sarah knows the hassle that comes with being a First Time Bodybuilding Competitor and trying to figure it all out.

Which is why she wanted to create a all inclusive option for women to make your prep less stressful and walk you through the process beginning to end all in one place. 

You have the option to choose everything separately through Top Knot Strong that is offered or be able to combine it all into one package for even more savings! 


If you are not ready to go through a 16 week prep with Sarah, or just not sure how long you will need, it is recommended to set up a free 15 minute consultation first. 


Bikini Competitions can be expensive, but with our packages you can save over $1000! 

Bikini Competition Prep Comparison with and without Top Knot Strong


Everything that goes into your prep should be all made to fit your goals, needs, and abilities. 

Training Plans are not cookie cutter. After getting signed up, you will have a 1 hour Transformation Session with Sarah to talk about your plan so that it can fit you.

Nutrition Plans don't require you to buy expensive supplements. We calculate your calories and macros for you and will change them based on how your body is responding to nutrition and training. 

Posing Suits are custom and handmade in a variety of colors and patterns to show off your personality, track your progress, and help you to become more confident in the same cut that your competition suit will be in on stage. 

Competition Suits are also custom and handmade from Sarah to help you shine on stage and show off all of the hard work that you have put in during your prep. 


 Top Knot Strong Bikini Competition Prep Packages


Package #1: Basic

With the Basic package, you will be getting all of your training over 16 weeks including a couple nutrition plans and posing sessions to help you in getting started. 

This plan is for:

  • Someone who is just getting started in prepping for a competition.
  • Wants to start getting in the habit of training and eating like a competitive athlete. 
  • Wants to learn the basics of posing with two 30-minute posing sessions for their division and federation so that they can start practicing. 



Package #2: Premium

With the Premium package, you get additional nutrition and posing help towards your show. Including a custom practice posing bikini made from Sarah. 

This plan is for: 

  • Someone who has already started towards prepping for their show. 
  • Wants to get more serious about competing and start getting into the routine of posing more. 
  • Ready to challenge themselves to another level. 
  • Needs to be at least 16-32 weeks out from a show. 



Package #3: Deluxe

With this Deluxe package, you will get everything you need to prep within 16 weeks. Including your very own custom competition suit! 

This plan is for: 

  • Someone who is 16 weeks out from a show. 
  • Has already been weight lifting and eating healthy consistently for at least 6 months prior to shredding down. 
  • Needs to be 15-20 pounds away from stage weight.


 Not sure where to start? Schedule a free consultation!

With a free 15 minute consultation we can see where you are currently at, determine an appropriate timeline for you to be ready for a show and answer any questions that you may have. 



*Note: If you are in your off-season or not ready to go through a 16 week prep. You can join the Top Knot Strong Tribe without all of the extras to get started. It's best to set up a consult in order to determine this would be the best option for you.*