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16 Week Bikini Competition Prep Plan eBook

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This is a 16 Week Bikini Competition Prep Plan to help you prepare for a Bodybuilding show to step on stage.


✔ 60 page eBook that is instantly available for download

✔ All the tools you need to prep for your show in 16 weeks

✔ Progressive Training Plan specific to bodybuilding 

✔ How to calculate your calories and macros 

✔ Successfully get through peak week

✔ Posing and how to own the stage

✔ What to implement for reverse dieting post-show

✔ Tracking your progress during prep worksheets

✔ Helpful tips and tricks to be a competitive athlete to slay the stage

This is for you if:

  • You are a woman who is getting ready to cut to step on stage in 16 weeks.
  • You are entering in the bikini division and at most have 20-25 pounds prior to show day. 
  • You want to prep for a show without having a coach working with you 1-on-1.
  • You are not a beginner when it comes to working out in the gym. 
  • You want to avoid overtraining or having to eat salads every day.


How can the 16 Week Bikini Competition Prep Plan benefit you?

By getting a copy of this plan you will have better knowledge and understanding of how long to prep for a show, what is entailed and use the plan to be successful on stage. 

It will give you clear and concise tools that you can start implementing today to get yourself ready for a show in 16 weeks. 


DISCLAIMER: This is not for a beginner that is just getting started in the gym. This is someone who already has experience with resistance training and is in good health.


*Be sure to read over the plan first after purchase!*

If you have any issues with your download, please email


Let's slay the stage,