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A Beginners Guide to Becoming a Bikini Competitor eBook

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This is a Beginners Guide to Becoming a Bikini Body Building Competitor to help you learn what it entails and to help you get started today on your journey to the stage.


✔ 45 page eBook that is instantly available for download

✔ All the tools you need to get started prepping for your first Bodybuilding Show

✔ Covers different topics of the most common questions

✔ Training and Nutrition Suggestions

✔ How to pick your show, division, and suit

✔ The differences between organizations and divisions

✔ What the judges are looking for between the different divisions and more!

✔ Helpful tips and tricks to be a competitive athlete to slay the stage

This is for you if:

  • You are a woman who is thinking and wanting to become a Bikini Competitor.
  • You are want a cohesive book that will spill everything that you need to know. without paying tons of money upfront for a Bodybuilding Coach.
  • You are wondering how the heck someone preps for a show and with it all entails prior to stepping on the stage.


How can the Beginners Guide to Becoming a Bikini Competitor benefit you?

By getting a copy of this guide you will have better knowledge and understanding of how long to prep for a show, what is entailed and best tips to reduce the overwhelm of information that comes with it. 

It will give you clear and concise tools that you can start implementing today to get yourself ready for a show in the near future. 

*Be sure to read over the guide first after purchase!*

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