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  • The Peach Glute Program by Elane at Top Knot Strong
  • The Peach Glute Program by Elane at Top Knot Strong
  • The Peach Glute Program by Elane at Top Knot Strong
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The Peach Program eBook

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This 12-week program is designed for anyone looking to improve the overall musculature of their glutes while building total body strength. The Peach Program implements functional glute training in order to develop strength and aesthetics. It is structured in a three-part periodization, guiding you from developing muscular awareness and control to muscular endurance and strength.


✔ Downloadable 26-page eBook available for instant download upon purchase

✔ 12-weeks of gym workouts with a five day lower/upper body split

✔ Progressive strength training routine that considers total body strength, with an emphasis on lower body

✔ Comprehensive exercise selection that targets the glute and hip complex


This is for you if:

  • You are unhappy with the current condition of your glutes
  • You are familiar with the gym but need direction
  • You have a busy schedule and need the flexibility a physical trainer can’t provide
  • You want to develop stronger, more powerful glutes
  • You want to develop bigger, shaplier glutes


How can the The Peach Program benefit you?

By completing this program you will turn your weak and underactive glutes into stronger and shaplier glutes. Through the process of progressive overloading your glute muscles, you will leave this 12-week period lifting heavier and feeling peachier.


DISCLAIMER: The Peach Program will require some previous experience with weight training. It is not intended for a beginner in the gym or anyone with health concerns.


* Be sure to read over the plan first after purchase! *

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