• Flawless Makeup Application

    You'll learn everything you need to know to look flawless on stage during your bikini competition from our makeup artist.

  • Custom Competition Suit

    Get a custom competition suit that's tailored to your federation and division to highlight your best features on-stage.

  • Jewelry Set

    Elevate your show day look by incorporating jewelry that reflects your unique personality and enhances your stage presence.

  • Satin Robe

    Ensure your tan remains flawless on show day with a lightweight satin robe that can be customized to suit your preferences.

Create Flawless Stage Day Makeup

In bikini competition makeup lessons, you'll learn everything you need to know to look flawless on stage during your competition. Taught by makeup artist Holly, these 1-on-1 lessons will cover every aspect of makeup application, from basic techniques to advanced stage makeup.

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  • Basic Techniques

    • Brows
    • Eyes
    • Face
    • Lips
  • Advanced Techniques

    • Contouring
    • Highlighting
    • Color Theory
    • False Lashes
  • Stage Makeup

    • Makeup under Stage Lights
    • Longevity on Stage
    • Makeup for Photoshoots
    • Competition Tan and Glitter

Custom Competition Suits

We assist you in selecting the optimal color, cut, and design to customize your suit with precision, ensuring a comfortable fit and creating a striking impression in the most favorable manner.

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  • Fabric Samples

    • Get fabric samples to see all colors in person against skin tone, hair, and eyes.
    • Narrow down the colors that best compliments your features.
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  • Suit Consultation

    • Discuss from top to bottom color and cut of suit for federation and division.
    • Develop and pick features that helps you to stand out and fit within your budget.
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  • Creation

    • All custom competition suits are made to order.
    • We cut based on what we discussed and sew together, then embellish to complete the overall design.
    • Shipping to you within 6 weeks from purchase date.

Complete the Details

Elevate your stage appearance with our carefully curated range of competition jewelry, designed to showcase your individuality and impeccable taste.

Competition Jewelry

Not sure how to create your show day look?

Let us help you create your ideal show day look that will help you to stand out on the stage in front of the judges with a Glam Consultation. We can help you create the look from head to toe.

Save More When Bundled Together

Achieve a stunning and polished look with our comprehensive Show Day Glam Package, designed to elevate your show day experience. Indulge in our Show Day Glam Package, thoughtfully created to enhance your show day experience and leave you looking stunning and polished.

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