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Sarah and Elane at Top Knot Strong

Join the Top Knot Strong Tribe to get into the best shape of your life! 


How it Works

When joining the Top Knot Strong Tribe you are joining a team and family of women.

We know how it feels when it comes to reaching your goals and needing the extra accountability to get there no matter where you are currently starting from. 

The Top Knot Strong Tribe is there to help take all of the guesswork out of your training and nutrition, answer your questions, and help teach you what you need to know so that one day you may not need us. 

Elane combines the knowledge of strength and conditioning, along with being a glute specialist to reach your goals and help you to become the best version of you.

You will get a custom and personalized fitness plan that focuses on your goals needs and abilities. Which is also paired with calculated calories and macros for you in order to make all of the hard work you put in show. 

Elane will personally check in with you weekly as we track progress, make adjustments, and answer your questions rather than just saying "trust the process". She wants to teach you why your plan is set up and how to not only reach your goals but maintain them for life. 

You will also be welcomed into our Top Knot Strong Tribe Community within our app for more support and motivation as most know it's sometimes hard to stay on track on your own.


Building Lean Muscle

This means that you are looking to build lean muscle for aesthetics, body composition, strength, and/or for your lifestyle.

Focusing on building a cohesive fitness plan that focuses on all of the right muscle groups, while also challenging you to continue to make progress.

Each person will have varying lengths of time to build lean muscle based on overall goals. 

No matter what, your physical and mental health is our number one priority.


Weight Loss

This phase means that we are cutting down on body fat to be able to see all of the hard work you have put in. 

Whether that is for health concerns or to feel more confident in your own skin, we got your back. 

We never do anything drastic because we teach all clients how to do this in a more manageable way so that they are not stuck in the constant yo-yo cycle of their weight going up and down. 

The goal is to help keep the weight off for good and make your health an important part of your lifestyle.



Other than building lean muscle and weight loss, if you have a special event and/or need help with strengthening muscles, joints, and improving mobility - that is included too! 

Sports other than bodybuilding can need stronger joints and mobility in order to preform the sport better than your opponent. 

Explosive movements, tempo, stretching, mobility drills, and rest/recovery to help you come back even stronger through your training can help keep the longevity of your lifestyle and goals. 

We've helped fire fighters, the police department, those in the Service and even those coming back from being on bed rest for long periods of time to improve their quality of life. 



Never just "trust the process" 

We want you to feel confident in your plan, so if you have a question about your plan, just ask!


No starving

Your nutrition plan should not be making you feel starved. Food is fuel and the goal is always to keep your metabolism as high as we can through the whole process. 


No endless amounts of cardio

Cardio is important, but overtraining by doing hours and hours of cardio is not. 

Your cardio will be kept to a minimum and under 2 hours each week through your prep. You also don't have to do any fasted cardio.


You get undivided attention

This means that there are only a limited amount of spots that coaches will take on each month in the Top Knot Strong Tribe. 

We want to ensure the quality of your plan to ensure you get the best results possible. Coaching will not be available online to sign up if all spots are filled for the month.

Please email if this is the case and she will personally reach out to you when more spots become available.


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We have 1 Month to 1 Year Options for your coaching to help fit your needs and goals.

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