• Become a Bikini Competitor without starving or killing yourself in the gym. We take all of the guesswork out of it so you can step on stage confidently.

    Helping you step on stage confidently

    Become a Competitor
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Helping you step on stage confidently

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A Beginners Guide to Becoming a Bikini Competitor

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Our Process

We help you step confidently on the stage for the first time. With our training plans, custom nutrition, and more - we take the guess work out of your prep.

"Sarah is a knowledgeable and attentive coach. She takes the time to truly listen and hear her athletes as well as possess the ability to meet them at their current level. When asked a question she explains the reason and the science behind the why. If you are looking for a coach who is attentive and delivers results I highly recommend taking Sarah on as your coach."

Holly L.

"Sarah is phenomenal! Her communication is outstanding. She listens to what her clients have to say and she is more than accommodating, too. She truly does care about her clients success and is more than willing to work with them to reach the perfect plan of action to help the clients reach their goals."

Theresa R.

"I'll try to make this short and sweet. 10 out of 5 stars I would absolutely recommend. I looked forward to each day and each set of workouts. I feel amazing and have so much energy and the group you become apart of is So helpful and inspiring. If I have a question about anything Sarah is right there to help."

Mindi F.

"I highly recommend working with Sarah to meet your fitness and nutrition goals! I have tried before to work out and eat healthy but I would always end up quitting/not really know what I was doing. Sarah does a great job explaining everything and setting up plans for you to follow, which is perfect for me! I'm so glad I decided to ask for her help!"

Tiffany J.

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Competition Prep

Personalized Fitness Training Plans and Workout Programs


Each month you get a Personalized Training Plan that works with you and not against you. Making sure that you are not over-training, maximizing building lean muscle, and keeping cardio to a minimum.

Custom Nutrition Plans to fit your goals, life, and needs.


Calories and Macros calculated for you so there is no guesswork. Making sure that you are eating as much as possible while still making the right progress towards the stage.

Complete guidance and support on your bodybuilding journey


We know how overwhelming it can be to prep for a show and we give complete guidance through our plans made for you. Includes weekly check-ins, everything located in one place, monthly videos to cover different topics and more!

Sarah Single Arm Dumbbell Row Outside

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By joining the Top Knot Strong Tribe you will work with Sarah on your competition prep journey towards the stage with your custom plan.

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We can talk about what you need for your goals and come up with a plan that is going to fit your goals and needs with our free 15 minute consultation.

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