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Sculpt and Shred 8 Week Challenge

Whether you are looking to compete or not, this challenge is for you!

Join us for this challenge to sculpt lean muscle and shred body fat in 8 weeks with our Top Knot Strong coach team!

  • Bikikni Ready Blueprint

    A Step-by-Step Event Covering Training, Nutrition, and Mindset for Aspiring Bikini Competitors. Hosted by Coaches Sarah, Stephanie, and Holly.

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  • Stage Ready Indicators

    An insightful discussion of the key indicators and milestones that defines readiness for the competition stage.

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  • Bikini Masters Competitor - Debbie

    We talk about her experience starting to compete in bodybuilding at the age of 52, how she got started, all things nutrition and menopause, and more!

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  • Live Discussion with Darin

    Here we talk about prepping for your first show, show day, and even post show with Darin Starr who has been coaching for 15 years and is on his way to compete again in the next 7 weeks.

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  • The Dark Side of the Stage

    Discussing important yet overlooked aspects of bodybuilding competitions such as body dysmorphia, eating disorders, and post-show blues for competitor awareness.

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  • First Time Competitor Experience with Pagona

    Pagona is a masters figure competitor who has had a long dream of stepping on stage but had some hurdles along the way. However, it only propelled her dreams further!

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