The Ultimate Bikini Competition Prep

  • Tailored Workouts

    Tailored to your unique needs, our coaches craft individualized training regimens, ensuring every aspect of your preparation aligns with your goals and physique.

  • Customized Meal Plans

    Fueling your journey with precision. From calculated calories and macronutrients to practical meal plans and supplement suggestions, we're here to guide you toward success, both on and off the stage.

  • Posing Sessions

    It's not just about the physique; it's about presentation. Master the art of posing with expert guidance to showcase your hard-earned physique flawlessly.

  • Custom Competition Suits

    Discover the perfect balance of tailored perfection and personalized style in our custom competition suits that elevate your stage presence with confidence.

  • Mindset Coaching

    We understand that a strong mindset is the foundation of success. Our coaches provide ongoing mindset coaching to empower you with the confidence and mental resilience needed to shine on stage.

  • Ongoing Coaching

    Our commitment doesn't end on show day. Experience continuous support with our monthly updates, ensuring your training and nutrition plans evolve with your progress and goals.

  • User-Friendly App for Seamless Interaction

    Stay connected effortlessly through our intuitive app, designed for clear communication, progress tracking, and seamless plan delivery. Your journey is at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

  • Exclusive Resources

    Delve into a treasure trove of exclusive videos and resources tailored to enhance your preparation. Accessible through the app, this exclusive content provides additional insights, motivation, and guidance.

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On-Demand Video Library

Members and clients gets access to our on-demand video library that is packed with resources to help you every step of the way from our coaches.

Easily Accessible at your Own Pace

Flexibility and Convivence

Our on-demand videos offer flexibility for members and clients. They can access training sessions, nutrition guidance, and posing tutorials at their own pace, anytime that fits their schedules.

Personalized Guidance from Certified Coaches

Our certified coaches provide videos with professional guidance for bikini competitors. They make sure your training and nutrition match your competition goals and personal needs.

Your Educational Hub

Access to our Training and Nutrition Hub provides valuable insights into different aspects of competition preparation. Competitors can learn about optimal nutrition, training with purpose, and strategies to support their physique goals.

Posing 101 Course

Posing is key in bikini competitions. The Posing 101 course teaches competitors how to pose, improve their stage presence, and craft a routine that showcases their best features.

Continual Learning and Improvement

The on-demand library is a resource for ongoing learning. Competitors can rewatch videos to learn new techniques and keep up with the latest fitness, nutrition, and posing trends.

Preparation Beyond the Gym

Competitors gain insights beyond gym workouts into overall preparation. This covers the significance of nutrition, recovery, and stage presentation details, fostering a comprehensive approach to competition readiness.

Shape Up for the Competition

Your training is the cornerstone to building and shaping the physique needed for your federation and division. Our coaches help to create a plan that helps you continue to progress in your workouts.

Our Personalized Training Plans

Precision and Targeting

A generic workout routine might not target key areas for bikini competitions. Customizing your fitness plan ensures you focus on the right muscle groups for the physique you want.

Balanced Physique

Judges in bodybuilding contests look for a well-balanced and proportionate physique. A tailored fitness plan can fix imbalances, promoting even muscle growth and boosting your chances of winning.

Adaptation to Changing Needs

As the competition date approaches, the body's needs and response to training may change. A personalized plan allows for continuous adaptation, ensuring that the competitor is peaking at the right time with optimal conditioning.

Optimized Fat Loss and Muscle Definition

Achieving the perfect body composition for your category means losing fat and defining muscles. A customized fitness plan should have specific exercises and diet strategies to maximize fat loss while keeping muscle.

Injury Prevention

Bikini competitors typically follow intense training routines. A tailored plan takes into account a person's fitness, strengths, and weaknesses. This helps avoid injuries through a balanced and progressive training strategy.

Individual Goals and Preferences

Everyone's body reacts uniquely to exercise, with varied goals and likes. A customized plan considers these differences, making your fitness journey enjoyable and lasting.

Fueling Your Success

We understand that nutrition is the cornerstone of your journey, especially when preparing for the stage. Our approach goes beyond counting calories; it's about crafting a sustainable, personalized nutritional strategy that propels you towards your goals.

Our Comprehensive Nutritional Guidance

Calculated Calories and Macros

Experience precision in your nutrition with calculated calories and macronutrients tailored to your individual needs. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all; your plan is as unique as you are.

Meal Plans for Practicality

Navigate your daily nutrition effortlessly with customized meal plans. Practical and adaptable, these plans align with your lifestyle, making adherence seamless and enjoyable.

Approved Foods List

Know exactly what fuels your success with our meticulously curated approved foods list. Empower yourself with food choices that align with your goals and contribute to your overall well-being.

Supplement Suggestions

Elevate your performance with expert supplement suggestions. Our recommendations are tailored to complement your nutrition, ensuring you have the support you need for optimal results.

Boosting Metabolism and Reverse Dieting

Explore strategies beyond the norm. Our coaches guide you in boosting metabolism and navigating reverse dieting, fostering a sustainable approach to your nutritional journey.

Peak Week Mastery

Step on stage with confidence during peak week. Our coaches provide insights and strategies to ensure you peak at the right moment, showcasing your hard work and dedication.

Empowering Support

We recognize that your journey is more than just individual effort—it's a collective venture. Our robust support system and exclusive content are designed to forge connections, inspire progress, and foster a community that propels everyone towards success.

A Community Beyond Compare

24/7 Messaging for Instant Support

Navigate challenges, celebrate victories, or seek guidance anytime, anywhere. Our app's 24/7 messaging feature ensures you're never alone on your journey, with your dedicated coach just a message away.

Weekly Check-ins for Personalized Attention

Your progress matters, and our weekly check-ins, complete with pictures and measurements, provide a personalized touch. It's not just about numbers; it's about ensuring your journey aligns with your unique goals.

Group Chat for Collective Motivation

Join the vibrant community through our group chat. Connect with fellow competitors, share experiences, and enjoy exclusive insights, recipes, and motivation that elevate your journey beyond the ordinary.

Exclusive Resources

Dive into a treasure trove of exclusive videos through our on-demand library. Whether it's answering common questions, providing additional workouts, or offering insider tips, this exclusive content is your go-to resource for valuable insights.

  • Strong Club

    Prep On-Demand

    $19 per month

    Embark on your bodybuilding journey with an arsenal of tools just for you. Unlock our comprehensive on-demand video library, meticulous workouts, delicious weekly recipes, and connect with peers through in-app group support. The Strong Club is more than a membership; it's your fitness ally, guiding you towards the stage with each powerful rep.

    Free 3 Day Trial by using code CLUBTRIAL

    Get Started 
  • Strong Tribe

    Enhance Your Nutrition

    $150 per month

    Step into the Strong Tribe, where your nutrition transcends the ordinary. Receive a custom nutrition plan meticulously calculated to fuel your ambition. Monitor your progress with precision as we provide your calculated calories and macros, alongside an approved foods list to keep your meals vibrant and varied. Relish in delectable recipes and benefit from weekly check-ins by your certified fitness nutrition specialist. With the Strong Tribe, every bite propels you closer to your goals.

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  • Strong Elite

    Premium Guidance

    $250 per month

    Rise to the peak of a tailored competition prep with our Strong Elite membership. Here, your journey is paramount, guided by a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist who crafts a personalized training plan harmonized with a customized nutrition plan. Elevate your potential with weekly check-ins and updates, ensuring you are continually progressing. Ingrained with the camaraderie of our in-app support group, the Strong Elite paves your path to the podium.

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  • Lindsey F.

    Check out Lindsey. She worked with us to dial in her nutrition to compete again and gained muscle definition to dominate her competition to earn her pro card.

  • Navy blue bikini competition suit on stage

    Rachel D.

    Rachel's journey shows how far you can come with dedication and hard work. She got into the best shape of her life and confidently stepped on stage.

  • Tawyna M.

    Tawyna's personal transformation highlights how we help our clients build healthy habits that last well beyond the competition prep.

  • Teresa R.

    "Communication is outstanding. My coach pays attention to what I have to say and truly cares about my overall success. She has been more than willing to create a perfect plan of action to help me reach my goals."

  • Jennifer B.

    "I've been able to learn how to eat better for my goals while still enjoying my food. If there is anything I have been struggling with we have been able to talk through it and helps me past the hurdle."

  • Cynthia S.

    "I appreciate your patience and ability to break everything down into manageable chunks. I'm so happy with my progress and can't wait to see how it all comes together for my show."

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Ruby Red Crystal Bikini Competition Suit

Exclusive Members-Only Perks for a Radiant Stage Presence

At Top Knot Strong, our valued members enjoy exclusive benefits:

  1. Precision Posing Discounts: Elevate your stage presence with special discounts on personalized posing sessions.
  2. Savings on Custom Suits: Step onto the stage in style with exclusive discounts on custom competition suits.
  3. Jewelry Enhancements: Access special discounts on stunning jewelry to accentuate your performance.
  4. Makeup Mastery Lessons: Perfect your stage glam with exclusive makeup lessons for a flawless and confident appearance.
  • I am new to competing. Where do I start?

    Start by scheduling a consultation with one of our coaches to discuss your goals, current lifestyle, and needs to determine best timeline for you and best plan to get started.

    Schedule Now 
  • I'm vegetarian/vegan. Can this be accommodated?

    Yes! We have worked with several competitors who have certain dietary needs helping to provide them nutritional plans that fits them and helps them progress for the stage.

  • How many times will I be expected to train each week?

    It will vary from person to person. However, you can expect to train anywhere from 4-5 times per week and around 60 minutes each workout.

  • Will I have lots of cardio?

    Cardio will vary from person to person. We try to keep cardio to a minimum and only add more when needed. However, we don't have you do hours on end and the most cardio you will do is right before your show.

  • Is my food a calorie/macro goal or set meals?

    We calculate your calories and macros for you based on where you are in your journey and current goals. Along with this, we do still provide a meal plan and food list to ensure you reach your daily targets.

  • How will I know which category to enter? Or if I will be ready in time?

    Talking with a coach, we will be able to provide feedback on which division would be best suited for you and what timeline would be best. However, it is also dependent on your adherence to your entire plan whether you will be ready in that time.

    Talk to a Coach 
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