Sculpting Your Success Beyond the Stage

We redefine the journey to the competition stage by offering a holistic and all-inclusive approach. From the outset, our focus is not just on the physical transformation but on nurturing the mental resilience required for success.

  • Tailored Workouts

    Personalized workouts to help develop and condition your physique for your division.

  • Customized Meal Plans

    A nutrition plan that supports hormone health, energy, lifestyle, and overall results.

  • Posing Sessions

    Individual posing routines to highlight your physique to confidently stand out on stage.

  • Mindset Coaching

    Ongoing mindset coaching to empower you with the mental perseverance on and off stage.

  • Ongoing Coaching

    Continuous support post-show for next goals to avoid extreme weight gain and eating disorders.

  • Exclusive Resources

    Complete on-demand video library from coaches for continued education and learning.

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Our Promises to You

Your Overall Health is our #1 Priority

We don't put our clients on steroids and work on building our competitors through their workouts, nutrition, time, and all of the best protocols to maintain their health.

Coaches Only Take on Limited Clients

Coaches will only take on so many clients at one time. This is so they can give their undivided attention and care to each client and not be stretched thin to make sure you get the best support.

  • Teresa R.

    "Communication is outstanding. My coach pays attention to what I have to say and truly cares about my overall success. She has been more than willing to create a perfect plan of action to help me reach my goals."

  • Jennifer B.

    "I've been able to learn how to eat better for my goals while still enjoying my food. If there is anything I have been struggling with we have been able to talk through it and helps me past the hurdle."

  • Cynthia S.

    "I appreciate your patience and ability to break everything down into manageable chunks. I'm so happy with my progress and can't wait to see how it all comes together for my show."

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Bikini, Wellness, and Figure

Competition Prep Coaching

$250 per month

(3 month commitment)

  • Monthly personalized training plans
  • Customized nutrition plans
  • Weekly coach check-ins
  • Individual feedback
  • Posing 101 videos
  • Exclusive community in app
  • Monthly coach calls
  • 24/7 messaging support
  • Savings on stage essentials
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Create your own Bikini Competition Prep Package

Get everything you need

Create your own Prep Package

Choose everything you need and want right now at a discounted price while prepping for the stage.

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How it Works

1. Partner with your coach

You'll be assigned a primary coach to help you through the process.

2. Set up custom prep plan

Your coach will create your own custom plan and upload it within 1-2 business days into the app for you to start using.

3. Check-in and receive feedback

Show up for weekly check-ins with your coach and we'll review your photos, measurements, and health together to make sure you are on track for your big goals.

4. Get coaching to show day and beyond

We have your back. We'll help continue to refine your plan as you make progress and continue to even post-show.

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  • Lindsey F.

    Check out Lindsey. She worked with us to dial in her nutrition to compete again and gained muscle definition to dominate her competition to earn her pro card.

  • Navy blue bikini competition suit on stage

    Rachel D.

    Rachel's journey shows how far you can come with dedication and hard work. She got into the best shape of her life and confidently stepped on stage.

  • Tawyna M.

    Tawyna's personal transformation highlights how we help our clients build healthy habits that last well beyond the competition prep.

  • I am new to competing. Where do I start?

    Start by scheduling a consultation with one of our coaches to discuss your goals, current lifestyle, and needs to determine best timeline for you and best plan to get started.

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  • I'm vegetarian/vegan. Can this be accommodated?

    Yes! We have worked with several competitors who have certain dietary needs helping to provide them nutritional plans that fits them and helps them progress for the stage.

  • How many times will I be expected to train each week?

    It will vary from person to person. However, you can expect to train anywhere from 4-5 times per week and around 60 minutes each workout.

  • Will I have lots of cardio?

    Cardio will vary from person to person. We try to keep cardio to a minimum and only add more when needed. However, we don't have you do hours on end and the most cardio you will do is right before your show.

  • Is my food a calorie/macro goal or set meals?

    We calculate your calories and macros for you based on where you are in your journey and current goals. Along with this, we do still provide a meal plan and food list to ensure you reach your daily targets.

  • How will I know which category to enter? Or if I will be ready in time?

    Talking with a coach, we will be able to provide feedback on which division would be best suited for you and what timeline would be best. However, it is also dependent on your adherence to your entire plan whether you will be ready in that time.

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