Schedule a 15 Minute Consultation

Scheduling a consultation is a great idea whenever looking to hire a trainer and online coach. 

We offer this as a way to get to know you and what you are looking for as well as for you to get to know us and if we would be the right fit for you on your journey. 

This consult is done over Zoom Video and upon scheduling you will receive a confirmation with the direct link you will use for the time scheduled.


During this call we will go over: 

  • history
  • goals
  • questions
  • how we can help
  • timeline
  • next steps


If looking to compete and wanting a timeline of being able to step on stage, please email pictures after scheduling your consult to view prior to the call. 

Include a front, side, and back picture in sports bra and shorts or a bikini.

This will help give a better idea of what will be best for you. 


Schedule your free consult today!