How to Order your Bikini Competition Suit

With Top Knot Strong, you can create your own personalized competition suit with ease. 

We know how overwhelming it can be and want to simplify the process, so that you can focus on what you need before stepping on stage without having to worry about your suit.  


1. Have Measurements Ready

Don't worry.... we take these measurements to ensure your custom suit fits you like a glove and calculate what your measurements will be on show day. 

All suits have extra tabs of fabric on the inside of the bottoms to be altered if needed. 

Here's how to measure for your top:


Here's how to measure for your bottoms:


Measurement's & Info needed:

  • Show Date
  • Federation & Division (example: NPC Bikini)
  • Height
  • Current Weight
  • Anticipated Stage Weight
  • Chest with Bust
  • Chest under Bust
  • Waist (smallest part) 
  • Upper Glutes
  • Glutes (Largest Part)


2. Picking Your Color 

We have lots of colors available and are always adding more.

When it comes to picking out your color for your suit we recommend these key factors:

  • A color that you love and will feel most confident in on stage 
  • Something that complements your hair and skin tone 
  • Lighter Colors work best on darker skin tones & hair
  • Darker Colors work best on lighter skin tones & hair 
  • Remember you will have a dark competition tan

Note: Competitor's usually stay away from white, yellow, and orange. These are not typically the best as show casing your hard work with the tan and/or your suit will end up staining more easily compared to other colors. 


Different Color Options Available


Order fabric samples to get different colors in person to make the best decision when it comes to your suit. 

If there is a color you don't see or love, email to discuss. 


3. Cuts & Shape

We have different cuts and top options when it comes to creating your suit.

Triangle Top:

The original triangle top with added padding that offers some push up. Same padding that is added to our practice posing suits.

This is best for the smaller chested competitors as it prevents gapping from your chest and the suit while also helping to give some push up. Can also fill the top with extra stuffing for more padding and fullness if needed with this option.

Typically best for A or B cups.


Molded Top:

Molds to the padding that is placed on the inside, in order to give shape, push up, and more support for competitors with larger chests. 

Typically best for C, D, or DD cups.


Bottom Coverage

Each different federation has rules when it comes to coverage to your suit. We recommend reading their rules to make sure you know what coverage is needed when ordering. We also stay on top of these regulations. 

Brazilian Cut:

This is typically the best option when it comes to most federations and divisions. Gives just enough coverage to see all of your hard work without covering too much. 

Pro Cut: 

This is typically the best option for most seasoned and experienced competitors. That's not to say a new competitor can't order the pro cut for their competition suit, but it is recommended to consult your coach to see if this is the best option for them.



NOTE: With any top or bottom you can use bikini bite to help glue the suit in place while on stage to ensure everything stays in place. 



4. Crystals & Design 

Adding the crystals one-by-one and your design is the best part and when you start to get to see the suit come to life! 

There are a TON of different colored crystals and designs that we can do for you. It comes down to your budget for your suit. 

Typically a suit with less crystals is going to be on the lower end compared to one that is fully covered in them. 

  • Half covered: $250-$300
  • 3/4 covered: $325-$400
  • Fully covered: $425-$500+ 

NOTE: The complexity of the design will also come into play as each crystal is added by hand one-by-one. 

AB Crystals 


Crystal Color Options


Creating a design that we don't currently have available? Email to discuss and have us draw up your custom suit just for you! 


5. Finishing Touches

Your connectors on the suit are the pieces that are added to the straps of the top, center of the top, and the hip pieces that connect the front and back of the suit. 

These can help to personalize your suit and add just a little extra bling and tie the whole suit together. 

It is not recommended to pick connectors that are thick and bulky, as this can take away from your hard work and sometimes even make you look shorter on stage. 

Here are our best options below: 


6. Ordering

Now you are ready to order! 

Competition Suits take time to make and even longer to add crystals and allow them to dry in place before shipping to your door. 

At this time we don't have any ready to ship competition suits available and each one is cut and made after purchase. 

With this being said, we need 4-6 weeks to make and ship your suit to you. 

The best rule of thumb is to order 6 weeks out from your show to ensure you will have it on time and that we can make sure the suit will fit you perfectly. 


We have lots of payment options when placing your order and even have the option to make payments with ShopPay here on our website. 

If it is a color and design that we don't have already available, we will create a custom link for you to place your order. 

Please email with color and design you want for us to create a link for you to place your order. 


NOTE: All measurements, cut, and connectors can be added when you purchase from the custom link with the drop down options and notes section of check out. 


Current clients that are in the Top Knot Strong Tribe get to save up to 20% on their competition suits. 

If you are a current client with Top Knot Strong, we will provide you with a personal coupon code to save on your suit at the time of purchase!



 View all current suit designs available