Bodybuilding Competition Posing

Top Knot Strong Posing Client Cynthia

Make your Posing Routine let your Confidence Shine! 


How it Works

Your posing routine is one of the most important things when it comes to the competition you are up against. 

We break down posing in bite sized chunk pieces to help you learn a routine that showcases your best package to help you feel most confident on stage. 

Your posing starts from the toes all of the way up to the top of your head which means that there are a lot of moving pieces that we have to pay attention to. 

We hold 30 minute online posing sessions over zoom and in-person posing sessions in Jacksonville, Florida. 

If just getting started, we will start from the basics and work on perfecting your routine and technique each session after focusing on the requirements of your federation and division during the session. 


The Walk

We will work on your walk to make sure it is seamless and effortless while being in heels like you own the stage. While also focusing on the different walks that take place after you are on stage with all other competitors.  



Nailing your poses with a smile that the judges won't forget. Show casing your hard work for your division while giving the best first impression and keeping their attention. 



Seamlessly transitioning through your poses as if your routine is a dance. With proper footing to help make sure you don't end up falling on the stage. 



We want your personality to shine! By adding some flare to your routine, you will be able to be confident and showcase the best parts of your physique to the judges. 


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