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Sarah Facemire Trainer and Nutrition Specialist at Top Knot Strong

Hello gorgeous!

Top Knot Strong was created by me, Sarah Facemire. I have not only had a passion for health and fitness in the past 7+ years but have wanted to pay it forward to other women who want to take their journey to the next level with me.

I never imagined being in the fitness industry, but after losing more than 50 pounds myself and falling in love with the process, competing in several NPC bodybuilding competitions, and learning how to become more disciplined with my eating habits, I got inspired.


This all lead me to creating Top Knot Strong to dial everything in. Coaching and everything that focuses on not just doing the same monotonous things over and over again, but to help you progress, gain strength, and overcome any challenges that you may face - physically and mentally.


Persistence and consistency is what I help to teach and instill into my clients to help them to be the best versions of themselves inside and out. Which in turn means you become strong inside and out through the process. 

You don't have to be extreme. Just consistent.

First Bikini Competition and Weight Loss Transformation


Through the plans, I not only help to educate you on how to achieve your goals but also am there for you every step of the way to make your goals a reality.


It's my mission with Top Knot Strong to help women in gaining their confidence back, pushing and working through the challenges, and proving to yourself that you are worthy of whatever you are willing to work for. 


     Why should you work with me?

    When working with me through Top Knot Strong - your plan will be made for your goals, needs, and abilities. We address those areas that you struggle with to help develop and make a plan around them to better overcome them. 

    No crazy diet restrictions or killing yourself in your workouts just to step on stage. I want to make sure you build healthy habits that are sustainable so you one day won't need me and can come back after a competition without rebounding.

    I also provide posing training, suits, nutrition plans, and more to help give you an all-in-one experience for your Bikini Competition. Having it all in one place saves you time and money rather than having to hire a bunch of different people that may have opposing views and practices. 

    Along with this, I'm in your corner every step of the way from the start to help keep you on track and keep you progressing to reach your goals. 

    Peacock Competition Bikini 

    Through everything that is offered through Top Knot Strong, it is your all-in-one resource for the First Time Competitor:

    • Coaching
    • Training Plans
    • Nutrition Plans
    • Posing Suits
    • Competition Suits
    • and More!


    Meet more of the team below.

    Delaney Helping with Making Suits and Training

    Delaney is our new suit maker to help with orders of suits and will eventually be taking on lifestyle clients who want to focus on strength and losing body fat. 

    We first started training together here in Jacksonville and have the same vision to help women feel their most confident and empowered in their own bodies. 

    She has a love of cosplay and can be followed on her Instagram @thesweatyweeb

    We also have an Instagram for our Bikini and Suits @topknotstrongbikinis



    It's time to throw your hair up and get started! Top Knot Strong

    "You can't expect big results with half-hearted commitments."