Customized Nutrition Plans

Nutrition plans for bikini competitors

Nutrition to fuel and show off all of your hard work.

How it works:

Your meal plan is created to fit your lifestyle, needs, and goals. I believe that your nutrition plan should work with you and not against you. To start your nutrition plan, we set up a call and consult to best create your nutrition plan designed for you.

After the call, I will customize your plan and have it sent to you within 1-2 business days for you to be able to use right away. 

What they include:

  • Calories and Macros calculate for you. 
  • Meals and snacks with measurements to fit your macros. 
  • Approved foods list to swap out foods if needed. 
  • Additional Notes that will apply to you reaching your nutritional goals (example: water consumption, cheat/refeed meals, peak week, supplements, etc.)


How they are different:

We never believe in cutting out any one food group, unless you have a special health condition where your doctor told you otherwise. Balance is the key to any sustainable health goal so we incorporate this at every part of your plan. 

We don't just do strictly weight and body fat loss, we also help women in gaining lean muscle and recomposition too.


You won't have to eat salads every single day
If salads are not your thing, then you don't have to eat them on your plan!


You won't feel starved at the end of the day
We always want to make sure that you are eating as much as possible on your plan even if you are wanting to lose weight and body fat. This helps to keep your metabolism as high as possible.


You get to feel good about what you are putting into your body
Your plan is made for you, with the liberty to change it. Meaning that you can change your meals at any time and not get bored of having the same meals weeks on end.

We encourage you to change up your meals and flavors for longevity towards your goals.


Ready for a nutrition plan made just for you?

We have options for one week or getting 4 weeks of a customized meal plan.



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