Connector Options

Suit Connectors are a great way to add some extra bling to your suit and embellishment to fit the look you want to create.

We do allow custom orders and requests for connectors, they are subject to change in price depending on style and size needed for you suit. 

Below you will see the options we have. 


Center Connectors

These are used for in the center of your chest for the top of your suit. 

Honeycomb center silver connectorFlower Center ConnectorDiamond center connectorTwist Center ConnectorSquare Center ConnectorBow Tie Connectors


Top Strap & Hip Connectors

You can mix and match these if you would like to have a different look. 

For someone who is shorter, we do not recommend the thicker connectors on the hips. It can take away from your legs and make you appear shorter on stage. 

One row connectorTwo Row ConnectorThree row connectorTwist ConnectorTilted connector


Any custom requests for connectors and to inquire about pricing, please email us at