Different Fabrics Available for Bikini Competition Suits

When it comes to competition suits, choosing the right fabric for your bikini can be just as important as selecting a great color and fit. With so many different options available, how do you choose? Let's explore the different fabrics for bikini competition suits.

  • Quality

    All fabric options are high quality and 4-way stretch. These are used to make our practice posing and competition suits. 

  • Options

    We are continually adding more and can special order colors for you if not listed down below for competition suits. Custom designs are always welcomed! 

  • Colors

    Fabrics may appear different based on brightness of your computer or phone screen, if not sure about the color you are interested in.

  • Care Tips

    • Hand wash in cold water
    • Air dry away from direct sunlight
    • Avoid ironing or using bleach
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  • Order Your Samples

    If you're unsure about which fabric to choose, ordering fabric samples is an excellent way to determine what suits you best. Most retailers that specialize in competition suits offer a fabric swatch program.

  • Qualities to Consider

    • Stretch
    • Colorfastness
    • Comfort
    • Appearance and style
    • Abrasion resistance
  • Explore Your Options

    And of course, you can always explore your options through various online resources, forums, and other informative sources that offer tips on picking the right fabric for your bikini competition suit.

Final Thoughts

Get ready to make a splash at your next bikini competition! Your suit can make or break your look, so don't leave anything to chance. With the right fabric, you'll shine like a true champion and feel unstoppable.

Let us help you create your winning look! Schedule a free suit consultation today and get one step closer to victory!