A Bikini Competitors Day in a Nutshell

A Bikini Competitors Day in a Nutshell

If you are considering competing in a Bikini Bodybuilding competition, you are probably wondering what a typical day will entail.

From training to nutrition, posing and more - there will be a lot to unpack here.

Some things will be similar and other things will be different for each competitor, but we will touch on some things of what you can expect almost across the board when it comes to competing.

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A Bikini Competitors Day in a Nutshell 

A Bikini Competitors Day in a Nutshell

Off Season vs. In Prep

Off Season refers to someone who is not currently in the deep of their prep where they are focusing on building or recomposition for a show. While being in prep season means that you are focusing on burning body fat and lowering it in order to become lean for your show to step on stage.

Which each one you have to keep your goals in mind.

Someone who is focusing on building lean muscle is usually doing less time on cardio and more time weight lifting and eating more calories. While when losing body fat, you would be focusing on consuming slightly less calories and may be adding more cardio into your training.

Each one however focuses on 2 main things: training and nutrition.

A day in the life of a bikini competitor

My Day as a Bikini Competitor

I work from home and I'm a personal trainer, so this will look different compared to someone else who has an office job, or someone who has kids.

A typical day for me would look like:

6AM - wake up, eat breakfast, plan the day
7AM - workout and shower
9AM - respond to clients, start my work tasks for the day, eat a snack
12PM - eat lunch, break from working
1PM - work on suit orders
2PM - eat snack
3PM - take work calls/train clients
6PM - workout class
7PM - go home, dinner, relax
9PM - go to sleep

This is also what works for me. It's not super glamorous, but it works!

I focus on my nutrition and getting my meals in, getting my workout in earlier in the day because I won't do it in the evening, and focusing on going to bed at a decent time to recover and unwind from the day so I can do it all again.

This usually doesn't change too much whether I'm in my off season or in prep. They type of training and nutrition will.

The main thing is to find a routine that works for your schedule that you can stick with and not over complicate it.

Not sure how to get started or what would be the best plan of action for you? We got your back!

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Each plan is made for you specifically to ensure you get the best results and for what the judges are looking for. 

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