5 Top Ways to Succeed in Your Bikini Competition Prep

The 5 Top Ways to Succeed In Your Bikini Competition Prep

The top ways to succeed in a Bikini Competition Prep really comes down to how bad you want to do this and the amount of effort you put in. 

However we have will dial in on other key factors that can truly make sure that you succeed as you are preparing to step on stage for the first time as a Bikini Competitor right here in this blog. 

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 5 Top Ways to Succeed in Your Bikini Competition Prep


1. Hiring a Prep Coach

Prep coaches are very useful in helping women and men prepare for bikini competitions. By having a prep coach they can give you the tools needed to succeed.

Giving you a custom training and nutrition plan that is tailored to your specific needs. Working closely with a coach who can provide you with knowledge on how to make healthy food choices that taste good.

Maintaining a healthy weight make sure you are on the right track with your progress. Keep you motivated throughout the process while also giving you peace of mind when it comes to everything you need to be ready. 

Picking a great competition prep coach for you comes down to your goals and needs. Remember to interview as many as you need to in finding the right fit.


2. Develop the Discipline needed

There are many aspects to competition prep, however discipline would be one of the biggest factors in those who succeed and those who struggle in their prep.

The good news is that discipline can be learned and is a muscle worked. The more you practice discipline, the stronger it will be.

Start small and you will see discipline will increase over time. 


3. Educate yourself about Federation & Division rules 

I might sound like a broken record when I say this, but please make sure you also educate yourself about competing too.

Your coach is great and I'm sure follows the rules but it's always in each athletes interest to learn what they can too prior so they know more of what to expect instead of just going on the blind faith of their coach.

This will help to make sure you also have peace of mind with your goals and so you know more of what to expect for what you need to achieve.


4. Give yourself enough time 

The stage will always be there and there is no need to rush to the stage to the point where you put your own health in jeopardy.

Give yourself enough time for every part of the process to ensure your sanity, health, and well being is still at the forefront.

Rushing to the stage can result in ruining metabolism, hormones, and more.

No one regrets giving themselves more time rather than stressing about not feeling ready especially if you want to be competitive.

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5. Start practicing posing earlier than later 

It's never too early to start practicing posing.

Even if you do not have a show picked out yet, I recommend posing.

Practicing and learning early can help you to develop and help to make it more second nature to you, because if you have not practiced yet - it can be hard and will feel unnatural to you.

Start now, learn the basics working from the feet up. You won't regret it and will put you ahead of those who waited until last minute to learn. 

Watch videos, go to posing seminars, and most of all just start learning. 


Of course, this is not everything that will help to make sure you succeed. It comes also down to your daily habits. 

What you do every day matters in building the physique you want and need in order to compete. 

Every pro you see started out as an ameture and put in the daily work to help them to get to where they are today. 

Having a great plan is part of this process and making sure you are on the right track so we always recommend getting a second opinion and enlisting the help of a coach to take some of the stress and guesswork off of your back. 

Our coaches are here to help!

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