The true cost of competing in a bikini bodybuilding competition

The True Cost of Competing in a Bikini Bodybuilding Competition

Bodybuilding competitions are not just about rigorous training and diet plans—they’re also a significant financial investment, particularly for first-time competitors. If you're planning to step on stage in a bikini competition, it's important to be aware of all the associated expenses so you can budget accordingly. So, let’s break down where your money will likely go in preparing for your debut.

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The True Cost of Competing in a Bikini Bodybuilding Competition

 The true cost of competing in a bikini bodybuilding competition


Prep Coach

A knowledgeable prep coach is vital in guiding you through nutrition, workouts, and overall preparation for the competition. They keep you accountable and tailor your program to ensure you hit the stage in peak condition. Depending on their experience, reputation, and the level of one-on-one attention you require, prep coaches can vary widely in cost, but they are an investment in your success.

On average, a prep coach can be $200-300 per month.


Posing Sessions

Posing is an art form—and potentially a winning edge—in bodybuilding competitions. Regular posing sessions with a professional can help you to showcase your physique effectively. You’ll learn how to highlight your strengths and hold poses that meet the criteria of the competition. This additional coaching can add to your overall expenses but is essential for stage presence.

On average, posing sessions can be $40-60 per session. You can also find local or online posing clinics to do group sessions that can be $20-30 depending on location.


Competition Suits

One of the pricier items on your list will be your competition suit. These are no ordinary bikinis; they’re custom-made, often bedazzled pieces that complement your body shape and skin tone. A good quality competition suit can easily set you back several hundred dollars, but it's a crucial element of your presentation.

It comes down to the complexity of your design and materials used to create your suit. You will see suits from $200 all of the way to $1000. Keep in mind that a good quality competition suit, you can use for more than one show.



Unless you're lucky enough to compete locally, travel costs can add up quickly. This includes flights or gas, hotel accommodations, car rentals, and meals. If your competition is spread over several days, this will increase your travel budget substantially.


Tan, Makeup, and Hair

The right tan, makeup, and hair can enhance your physique under the bright stage lights. Professional tanning services ensure that your skin tone is even and suitable for competition, which, along with professional makeup and hair services, will contribute further to your costs.

Each show will have a company there for tanning, along with your makeup and hair. Tan is usually around $150 including the touch up. Makeup and hair can be around $100-250. You can do these on your own if you decide to, but make sure it is something you practice ahead of time. 

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Additional Expenses

Don't forget other miscellaneous items such as gym memberships, supplements, registration fees for the competition, and professional photoshoots if you wish to document your journey or create promotional material.

Registration fees will vary based on federation and how many classes you are entering. The more classes you enter the more chances you have to walk across the stage and win! Competitor cards are good for the year, and then each class can be $100-200. 


Total Costs

All these expenses mean that a first-time competitor could easily spend between $3,000 to $4,000 to get competition ready. It may seem steep, but remember, it's an investment in yourself and competing.


Work With Us and Save!

Here's the good news: when you work with us for all of your competition needs, clients save more. We offer packages that bundle together many of the services mentioned above, reducing the overall cost and complexity of managing multiple vendors and appointments. With our expertise and connections within the industry, we navigate the best deals and provide high-quality service for your preparation journey.

Competing in bikini bodybuilding is not only a test of physical endurance and discipline but also a financial commitment. By understanding the costs involved and taking advantage of bundled services, you can focus on bringing your best self to the stage without breaking the bank.

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