Memberships with Top Knot Strong makes it even easier to reach your health and fitness goals. 


Strong Club

Includes exclusive video access to our top workout programs and courses. Giving you access to meals in our app, posing 101 videos, and a community within the app. Each month there is a new monthly exclusive video added and discounts for being a member on everything else that Top Knot Strong offers.

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Strong Tribe 

Including everything that is in the Strong Club membership along with your own personal trainer and online coach within the app. This includes a customized training and nutrition plan from your coach and weekly check-ins. All to help you to get the upper edge by having something completely made to your goals, needs, and abilities. 

Each coach is only allowed to take on so many clients at a time to ensure we give 'Top Knot' quality to our clients. Schedule a free consultation to get started and talk to a coach today.


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Club Tribe
Price $40 per month $200 per month
Popular Workouts & Programs x x
Meals & Recipes in the App x x
Posing 101 Videos x x
Community in App x x
Discounts on all other products x x
Monthly Group Discussions  x x
Personal Trainer / Health Coach x
Custom Training Plan x
Custom Nutrition Plan x
Weekly Check-Ins x
Form Checks  x
24/7 Messaging in App with Coach x



Membership Discounts:

All memberships allow you to get discounts on all other items we have to offer and can be added on at any time with an active membership.  

  Normal Price Membership Price

30 Minute Posing Session

$40 $30

Video from Posing Session

$10 $5
Custom 30 Day Nutrition Plan $70 $60
Custom 30 Day Training Plan $150 $140
90 Minute Online Makeup Lesson $150 $135
45 Minute Online Touch Up Makeup Lesson $90 $75


Full Price 10% off


Full Price 10% off


Full Price 10% off