Cultivate a Strong and Resilient Mindset

Elevate your mindset with Holly, a board-certified health and wellness coach, to unlock the competitive edge and attain superior results no matter your starting point.

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Your mindset can be the key to achieving your goals. Cultivating a resilient mindset and navigating through setbacks and challenges can lead to overcoming them and achieving better results.

  • Post-Show Blues

    Following a bodybuilding competition, it is quite common for individuals to experience post-show blues. Remember that you are not alone in this feeling. Engaging in conversations about how to navigate this period can be helpful in bringing structure back into our lives.

  • Build Body Confidence

    Encourage the development of a healthy body image and boost self-confidence, whether you're performing or not. Our aim is to help you feel comfortable in your own skin at all times.

  • Manage Stress and Pressure

    Competitors often experience immense pressure and stress. Nevertheless, a mindset coach can provide valuable strategies for effectively handling these challenges, such as competition anxiety and achieving a balance between training and other life responsibilities.

  • Reverse Dieting

    Shifting from a long-term dieting routine to reverse dieting can be quite challenging, given the abundance of temptations that lie ahead. However, embracing this change will facilitate a transformation in your relationship with food, ultimately leading to enhanced overall health in the future.

  • Overcoming Mental Blocks

    Aid individuals in overcoming mental barriers such as self-doubt, fear of failure, or body image concerns that can hinder advancement on your journey.

  • Building a Sustainable Lifestyle

    In order to underscore the significance of long-term, sustainable healthy habits, as opposed to crash diets or extreme exercise regimens, we aim to provide comprehensive guidance.

  • Goal Setting and Visualization

    Aid in accomplishing health and fitness goals through the utilization of visualization techniques and mindset strategies to stay driven and dedicated.

  • Staying Consistent

    Life events are unpredictable and can present challenges, but it is our response to these obstacles that truly defines our success. Focus on creating strategies and implementing solutions that will help you stay aligned with your goals.

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Unlock Your Full Potential

Building the right mindset is key. Our board-certified health and wellness coach will support you in developing resilience, effectively managing anxiety, and remaining focused on achieving your goals.

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Holly Loss is a Health and Wellness Coach with over 8 years of experience. She is also a National Board-certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) and educator. Holly has spent the last two years working for a digital health company that has pioneered the health and wellness industry.

After completing her bachelor's degree at American Public University, Holly decided to pursue her passion for supporting growth in others by branching out into coaching. She finds coaching to be one of the most rewarding experiences of her career.

  • Mindset Consultation

    Establish communication with Holly regarding your current goals, difficulties in your health and fitness to identify the necessary plan to help you further develop a plan that fits you.

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  • 1-on-1 Mindset Session

    Enhance clarity in goal-setting by thoroughly evaluating current habits and lifestyle patterns. Utilize this time to develop actionable steps and devise a strategic plan that guarantees tangible results.

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  • Complete Health & Wellness Coaching

    Increase your overall desired results through structured weekly calls, implementation of both short-term and long-term action plans, and utilization of our exclusive on-demand resource library.

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Mindset + Lifestyle Coaching

$200 per month

  • Guided weekly calls
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