First Time Competitor Cheryl Newcomb - Do the Research Before You Start

First Time Competitor Cheryl Newcomb - Do the Research Before You Start

Cheryl Newcomb is a First Time Bikini Competitor this year and at 52 years of age!

Age is definitely just a number when it comes to what you want to achieve and she is living proof of that.

 First Time Competitor Cheryl Newcomb

Here is first experience and probably won't be her last

When did you first compete?

First competed Oct 26


What federation and class did you choose and why?

NPC bikini;  true novice, masters 35+, masters 40+

I had a coach at Crunch and she already had a girl going to this show, that is why I picked it.


What is your height and how much did you lose on your journey to the stage?

I had 12 weeks to prep started at 121 lbs, ended 108.5 lbs;  never measured BF% 5 ft 2 in.


What did you feel was the most beneficial to you on your journey to stage?

Most beneficial was all the online research I did on YouTube and Facebook bikini comp groups.


What did you struggle with the most?

Struggled most with losing lower abdominal fat and leaning out; I probably could have done better with 16 week prep.


Cheryl Newcomb on Show Day

What is the reason that you wanted to compete?

Always aspired to look like the girls in the fitness magazines.


Would you compete again in the future? If so, what would you change the next time around?

I am considering competing again next summer to see if I can come in leaner and more muscular with a longer prep.


How would you say that your overall experience was?

Overall, I was excited to look my best ever, but I think I looked the worst out of all the bikini girls.  I was probably the oldest of the bikini girls.


What is your #1 tip that you would give another first time competitor?

Do research before you start:  It is expensive (suit was $400, hotel $320, shoes x 2 were $90, jewelry $25, NPC card $125, competition $300, trainer $1500, spray tan $125, makeup $100, practice suits $70); takes a lot of meal planning, no drinking alcohol, makes it hard to socialize, lots of gym time, difficult to take vacations during prep, friends and family do not understand and will tell you "don't get too big" "you are getting so skinny" "why would you want to do this" "don't you hate having to watch what you eat"


Where can we follow your journey?

IG:  cheryl.newcomb


Cheryl Newcomb

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