First Time Competitor Ruby Avianeda - Trust the Process

First Time Competitor Ruby Avianeda - Trust the Process

 There is a big reason as to why Ruby really believe's in trusting the process and why you should too. 

First Time Competitor Ruby Avianeda


Here is Ruby's Experience as a competitor

When did you first compete?

I first competed in December of 2015 for a Lauren Powers show but I was not ready my coach at the time just tossed competitors up on stage and I clearly was not ready. The true frost time when I had coaches who stood behind me and help me every step of the way helped me compete Oct 12, 2019 for an INBA show on Muscle Beach.


What federation and class did you choose?

INBA Open bikini, Novice bikini, Bikini Mamas


What is your height and how much did you lose on your journey to the stage?

4’ 11” competition weight 104# I started at 120


Did you have a coach/trainer of any kind or did you coach yourself?

I had two coaches once more so for workouts and the other nutrition and posing and more guidance as she is a pro Athlete for IPL


What did you feel was the most beneficial to you on your journey to stage?

What I found most beneficial for me was my coaches motivating me and keeping me accountable and I posted about my journey I had many looking up to me and that kick started there fitness journey. Knowing that I was making a difference in someone’s life kept me going and pushing myself that much more.


What did you struggle with the most?

What I struggle with the most at the beginning was staying away from the food I should not be eating and keeping a clean diet all the time.

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What is the reason that you wanted to compete?

I wanted to compete to prove to myself that I can do this and have a healthier lifestyle.


Would you compete again in the future? If so, what would you change the next time around?

Yes next competition as of right now is set for April 11, 2020 IPL. I would change and try my absolute best to push myself a little bit more to get my ab definition.


How would you say that your overall experience was?

This overall experience was like getting on a roller coaster ride. You have your ups and downs, but when you want something really bad you have  to go along for the ride and trust the process.


What is your #1 tip that you would give another first time competitor?

Be patient and trust the process.


Where can we follow your journey?



Ruby Avianeda Top Tip

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