The Come Back Week 1: Watch your Habits

The Come Back Week 1: Watch your Habits

I want to say that this has been long overdue....

I've wanted to compete again for awhile now, but here I am a little over two years later just now getting back into everything.

I've taken time off, which was needed at first to make improvements, but then later because I had way too much stress on my plate to focus on dedicating time to competing too. 

Competing as a bodybuilding competitor, you will have to dedicate time to making your meals and time to workout in the gym. You will have to say no to things, and stick to your plan as much as you can if you want to be competitive in this sport.

Now... I am ready. I am refocused and can focus on dedicating the time needed. I am also going to share this journey with you. 

The Come Back Week 1

Coming back into this sport, I knew that I was no where near where I need to be. My body fat percentage is too high. I have built a considerable amount of lean muscle and conditioned my legs and glutes more. I just knew this will take longer than 12-16 weeks as an average prep I have done in the past. 

Due to me also wanting to be more competitive and not just mediocre at this, I have also decided to hire a prep coach this time around. 

Even though I am a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist, you start to get stuck in your own ways and style of workouts that you have come to know and love. Not that I wasn't working hard in the gym before this, but I needed someone else to take the stress of creating my own plan and to get my body out of its comfort zone while also giving me the accountability to continue to show up. 

Having a prep coach gives a second set of eyes on everything and they can see and give a different approach to what you may have overlooked or are second guessing too. 



My Goal for Week 1: Watch My Habits

I'm sure you could have guessed that from the title, but I had gotten out of touch with sticking to a better meal plan with more whole foods. I was basically maintaining for a good year. 

My workouts were hard, but I was happy to call it a day after 30 minutes and would quit finishing all of the sets or reps that I had originally planned for myself that day. Turning out to not give it my all in my workouts and then wondering why I wasn't really making progress of any kind.... *sigh*

So this past week it was all about giving everything 100%. In and outside of the gym. In preparing my meals, sticking to eating them, and also in my workouts too for every rep and set.  

I didn't focus on the inches or weight at all because I didn't want to stress about them when I was adjusting to a new plan, I knew it would probably be a little all over the place and vary depending on the day. 

I knew that if I really wanted to see any kind of results and compete this next year, I had to focus on what was more important. My habits. 

Weight loss and lowering my body fat percentage overall will come with time by having better and healthier habits - but I am happy to say that I did lose 2.8 pounds this past week! 

Oatmeal with Berries


What habits did I focus on?

1. Try to get an adequate amount of sleep. 6-7 hours each night. 

2. Drink at least half of my body weight in ounces of water. 

3. Give it all in my workouts. Every rep and every set. Adjusted the weight to make it challenging, but not too challenging to where I didn't have proper form or couldn't finish them.

4. Stick to the food I had prepared even if I was out and was hungry. I didn't pick up anything fast food or snack. I didn't even have any drinks after work this past week.


Cod and Spaghetti

How am I feeling after week 1?

Great! Honestly, I feel refocused and re-energized. 

My skin has been breaking out more from this past week, but it's a combination of toxins I have built up in my system and hormones changing from what I have been eating. My body will adjust as time goes on.

I have been sore as I have been doing exercises I have not done in awhile - but my digestion is better, not left feeling hungry, and overall I'm seeing changes already in strength and stamina. 

My body needed a change and I need to reset my body to feel better inside and out as I am prepping for another show.  


I plan on sharing this journey and taking you with me as I prepare to step on the stage again. 

Each week with my success, my failures, my tips and tricks, and how you can also prepare for a show yourself if that is one of your goals. 

You can follow this journey and join other first time competitors in my group to get any questions answered that you need by clicking the link below. 

>> First Time Bikini and Body Building Competitors Group <<


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