Become a Competitor

Become a Competitive Athlete

Learn how to workout and eat for your goal of entering your first Bodybuilding Competition without starving or killing yourself in the gym.


Top Knot Strong's Tribe is going to help to make sure you are ready to step on the stage.

 Top Knot Strong Tribe - Coach Sarah Facemire

How can the Tribe benefit you?

By joining the Top Knot Strong Tribe you will get personalized training and nutrition guidance you need to make your goals a reality. 

Helping to answer your questions, give you a personalized training program, and nutritional guidance. 

As a First Time Competitor I found it difficult to find the information that I was looking for and knowing what was going to best benefit me to prepare for my first show. 

Let me take the stress off of you trying to figure it all out by showing you how to keep as much muscle as possible while also burning fat, without spending hours in the gym every single day. 


Top Knot Strong's Tribe is ideal for women who want a custom and personalized progression plan that fits their needs, goals, and lifestyle to reach their goals. You will learn....

 How to know if the Top Knot Strong Tribe is for you

What goes into being a competitive athlete

Creating realist goals of when you will be able to compete and develop a plan together to help you get there.

How to prep for a show
Have a customized nutrition and personalized training plan that fits your needs, goals, and abilities where you are not constantly feeling hungry or burned out. Never having to give up all of the foods that you love.

Building healthier habits
Learning how to eat as a bodybuilder for what the judges are looking for without over training in your workouts to prevent injury and get amazing results.
Stay the Course
Have a whole team of women who are a part of the tribe and your coach Sarah to help keep you motivated, give support, and share experiences are you are on your journey to the stage.

Let's help get you stage ready! 


Holly's Review of the Top Knot Strong Tribe


No More Stressing About Counting Calories

Learn how to create balance in your nutrition while also getting the results that you deserve by not cutting everything completely out. 

No More Killing Yourself in the Gym Every Day

No need to spend countless hours in the gym where you end up doing more harm than good.

No More Eating Salads Every Single Day

If you don't like salads, no problem! You don't have to eat salads every day to reach your goals. There are tons of different healthy options for that you can make.


Teresa's Review of the Top Knot Strong Tribe

It's time to crush your goals without all of the BS

This is for you if you are ready to stop starting and stopping again. 


This is for you if:

  • You are a woman who wants to compete for the first time, but is overwhelmed on how to get started. 
  • You are someone who wants to challenge themselves further in their health journey.
  • You are wondering if you will ever be able to step on stage and be competitive with the other athletes. 
  • You struggle with balancing your health journey and obligations and want more of a consistent routine. 
  • You want to know what the heck to do on a daily basis to show up and be confident in your plan giving you the results that you desire. 


Emotional Eater to Competitor

Hi, I'm Sarah! Top Knot Strong Founder and Owner. 

I'm a defeated emotional eater turned NPC bikini competitor and motivational expert. My specialty is teaching women to get out of their own head to work through and overcome what has been holding them back to create their dream bod. 

My passion runs deep for helping women crush their health and fitness goals, so they gain confidence in their own skin, become strong physically and mentally to adapt and overcome anything that comes their way in life.


It's time to turn your dream into a reality.

Turn your dream of entering a bodybuilding competition into a reality


  • 70% of women don't make it to stage within.
  • That's more than HALF of people who are not actually reaching their goals and frustrated with the outcome of getting into the bodybuilding world.
  • When you don't have something made custom to your goals and needs, it becomes overwhelming and you end up spending time on the wrong things. 


You ready to finally step on the stage? Let's do this! 

This is a monthly membership for one-on-one online coaching to help you transform into the bad-ass you know you are.


✔ All the tools you prepare you for your first show

✔ 100% personalized fitness plan

✔ Macro & calorie targets already calculated for you

✔ 2 videos per month that covers different areas of bodybuilding (nutrition, fitness, posing, show day, etc.)

✔ An easy to use app where you will be able to view your entire plan (available on iPhone and Android)

✔ Weekly check-ins and adjustments as needed

✔ Lifetime access to our exclusive Top Knot Strong clients group

✔ Free phone interview assessment 


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