The best bikini choices for First-Time Competitors to Flatter Your Physique

Best Bikini Choices for First-Time Competitors to Flatter Your Physique

Stepping onto the bodybuilding stage for the first time can be both exciting and nerve-wracking.

As a first-time competitor, you want to ensure that your hard work and dedication to achieving a flawless physique are beautifully showcased.

One crucial aspect of your presentation is selecting the perfect bikini that complements your body's unique shape and highlights your best features.

In this blog, we will explore some tips on choosing the best bikini to flatter your physique and boost your confidence on stage.


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Best Bikini Choices for First-Time Competitors to Flatter Your Physique

 The best bikini choices for first-time competitors to flatter physique


Bikini Choices Based on Division

Now that you've established your bodybuilding division, it's time to select a bikini that complements and adheres to the criteria of that division.


Bikini Division: 

  • Sweetheart Back
  • Pops of color

Wellness Division:

  • V front (most common)
  • Either pops of color or more complex designs

Figure/Physique/Women's Bodybuilding Division:

  • Cross-back straps
  • More complex designs 



Highlight Your Best Features

Every competitor has unique features that make them stand out. Whether it's your toned legs, sculpted shoulders, or chiseled abs, choose a bikini that accentuates these strengths. For instance, a high-cut bikini bottom can elongate your legs. 


Scoop Front: Goes with the natural curve of your midsection.

V Front: Shows off more of your core and helps to make midsection appear smaller. 

High Front: Covers c-section scars if that is a concern.


Pro Cut: Less coverage without being a thong on stage. Gives the appearance of larger glutes. 

Brazilian Cut: More coverage on the glutes if pro-cut is not enough.



Triangle Cups: Great for those with smaller chests and those with implants. 

Molded Cups: Great to add more support and shape for those with larger chests. 

Removable Triangle Cups for Bikini Competition SuitsMolded Scoop Cups for Bikini Competition SuitsMolded Pushup Cups for Bikini Competition Suit


Thin connectors: For those who are shorter and want their legs to appear longer and taller on stage. 

Thicker connectors: For taller women who can play around with the thickness and won't significantly impact their overall physique. 

View all of our connector options here.


Color and Fabric Choices

Color and fabric play a vital role in enhancing your overall stage presence.

Darker shades, such as deep blues or blacks, create a slimming effect, while brighter colors, like red or coral, can make you pop on stage.

Shiny fabrics can highlight curves, and matte materials offer a more sophisticated look. Experiment with different options before your show to see what complements your skin tone and physique.



Foils: some shimmer and sparkle overlay on fabric

Holographics: more sparkle and various colors overlay on fabric

Solids: typically no shimmer or sparkle overlay

Velvets: very soft and stretchy, great for less crystal covered designs

View all of our fabrics here.



Comfort and Fit

Competing can be an intense experience, and you want to feel confident and comfortable on stage. A well-fitting bikini is crucial, as you don't want to be adjusting or pulling at it during your routine. Having a custom-made suit designed just for you based on measurements and physique helps to get the one that fits you perfectly.

All competition suits are made with you in mind during your prep that you will still be losing. This is why many will ask for a lot of different measurements to ensure your suit fits you perfectly on show day. 


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Choosing the perfect bikini for your first bodybuilding competition can significantly impact how you present your hard-earned physique on stage.

Understanding your body type, highlighting your best features, selecting flattering colors and designs, ensuring a comfortable fit, and seeking expert advice are all essential steps in finding the ideal bikini.

Remember that confidence is the key to rocking your stage presence, so choose a bikini that not only flatters your physique but also makes you feel most confident.


Bonus #1: Seek Professional Advice

Don't hesitate to seek advice from experienced competitors or professional coaches. They have likely been through the process and can provide valuable insights into choosing the right bikini that flatters your physique.

This is why we offer free suit consultations! 

We can walk you through the entire process from top to bottom of designing a suit that is just for you. 

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Bonus #2: Practice Posing in a Posing Suit

A competition suit is not the same as a regular bikini. This is why many will opt for purchasing a posing suit in order to get the feel of a competition suit.

This allows you to see what cuts you like best, practice your posing routine without getting a competition suit all sweaty, and you can track your progress for the stage.

Take a look at all of our posing suits available! 


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