Do you need a posing suit for your bodybuilding competition?

Do you need a posing suit for your bodybuilding competition?

You might be wondering if you need a posing suit to practice in before your first bodybuilding competition. 

While it just seems like an extra expense, there is a good reason that many competitors do purchase a practice suit and why it is ultimately highly recommended. 

Posing suits are a great way to get practice in prior to your anticipated show date and you will never regret buying one. 

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Why purchasing a posing suit is a good idea. 

Do you need a practice posing suit for your bikini competition prep


Getting comfortable wearing the same cut suit as show day

Posing suits are different from the normal bikini that you would purchase from a big box store. 

They have less coverage to accentuate your glutes and are made to fit someone who has been lifting compared to the average woman.  

On top of this they can help to build your confidence for the stage by envisioning yourself on stage while practicing and overall getting comfortable wearing it with heels as you practice your routine. 

Not to mention they are cheaper than a competition suit. 

Competitions can be pricey, but making the right investments and choices about your prep will make it less stressful in the long run. 



Tracking progress during your prep

Obviously you want to make the right progress on your prep towards the stage. 

Tracking inches and weight is one part of it, but being able to see your body change in the posing suit for your competition, is exciting and rewarding for all of the hard work that you have been putting in. 

This will also allow you to see where you can make improvements so you and your coach can adjust your plan as needed. 

On top of making sure, you have everything needed for show day and what the judges will ultimately be looking for in your federation and division too. 




Keep your show day suit clean and top shape

Practicing your posing routine in general will already be a workout in itself. 

If you have already practiced, you know what I am talking about.

With all of the sweat, twisting and turning, walking in heels, it's a lot for you to get used to at first. 

You wouldn't want to wear out your competition suit, loose crystals, or make it smell like sweat before your show day.

They are not easy to clean and most are really never cleaned because of everything that they are made of. 

A posing suit will also give you plenty of options in terms of fun colors and patterns for you to choose from to fit your personality and style that you choose to feel your most confident. 



All in all, it is a great choice to have a posing suit to practice in. 

You want to be confident on the stage wearing a suit that will show off the best features you have and what the judges are going to be looking for. 

The best part of this is that Top Knot Strong offers posing suits for you that adjust with you as you are making progress for the big day. 

Each one is handmade and created by Sarah with plenty of colors and patterns to choose from!

Grab a posing suit that best suits you today from Top Knot Strong's collection. 


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