First Time Competitor Emily Boston - Posing is Key!

First Time Competitor Emily Boston - Posing is Key!


First Time Competitor Emily Boston Before and After

Here is Emily Boston's first experience

When did you first compete?

October 26, 2019 Monster Mash Competition 


What federation and class did you choose and why?

NGA, I was not very familiar with either federation, but when talking to my coach he said this was good to start out because of smaller class sizes to get better experience.


What is your height and how much did you lose on your journey to the stage?

My height is 5'5. I started out at around 163 and on stage day I weighed in at 134.5 getting down to 13% body fat.

 Emily Boston

Did you have a coach/trainer of any kind or did you coach yourself?

Yes, I hired a coach who had also competed in previous years. 


What did you feel was the most beneficial to you on your journey to stage?

I believe that one of the most beneficial things was actually having a coach to keep me accountable every step of the way. From daily check ins to personal meetings every 2-3 weeks, it kept me focused and determined. 


What did you struggle with the most?

What I struggled with the most was definitely the diet, I would strongly recommenced flexible dieting (counting macros) rather than eating the same meals every day for 12-16 weeks. It greatly cuts down on the cravings.


 Emily Boston

What is the reason that you wanted to compete?

I chose to compete because I was unhappy physically and mentally, I was in an abusive relationship and used the gym as my place to find peace and so the training came easily. 


Would you compete again in the future? If so, what would you change the next time around?

Yes! I am actually doing a clean bulk at the moment and start prep again in January for a show in April. 


How would you say that your overall experience was?

My overall experience was for sure a love/ hate relationship. The lack of sleep, toll financially, and long hours of meal prepping sometimes made it feel so overwhelming I wanted to give up. However, to see that transformation not only physically but mentally and the support I got from family and friends made it all worth it. 


What is your #1 tip that you would give another first time competitor?

POSING, POSING, POSING!! Every day, every time you are in front of that mirror you should be posing until it is just muscle memory. Make sure you know what poses to do to make your body look the best (everyone is different) make sure you can flex each individual muscle group when necessary it will help so much in the long run. 


Where can we follow your journey?

IG: Emilynicoleboston
FB: Emily Nicole Boston
SC: emilynicoleeee


 Emily Boston #1 Tip - Posing is Key!

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Very inspiring. 48 y/o and considering competition prep.


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