How I'm navigating Postpartum for the Bodybuilding Stage

Making a Splash Again: How I'm Navigating Postpartum for the Stage

Becoming a parent has been challenging but also rewarding. As I plan for the stage again in 2024, I wanted to share how I am navigating this postpartum journey in order to be successful when I step on stage again in a breakdown of the different phases I will be going through.
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How I'm Navigating Postpartum for the Stage

 How I'm Navigating Postpartum to the Stage - Prep for my Next Bikini Competition


Phase 1: Recovery (6 weeks)

Being pregnant and then birthing a baby is no easy feat. It takes a toll on your body physically and emotionally.

I personally had a c-section with a 10.5-pound baby after trying to labor for close to 40 hours, so my body was worn out and the recovery those first 2 weeks were the worst. 

Thankfully, I have a husband who was so helpful in making sure I had everything I needed to make recovery smoother. Along with this, I worked out as much as my body was able to during pregnancy which helped in the overall strength I have now postpartum. 

This recovery phase is to make sure my incision heals properly, I nourish myself better by increasing my protein intake again, reconnect with my core, and I start being able to move more with walking to set myself up for the next part. 


Phase 2: Build Strength and Endurance (4-8 weeks)

Once cleared from the doctors, I will be able to get back into working out again. I miss it but know it will take some time to get back to training how I did prior to birth and pregnancy. 

This will be my time to focus on form and building up the strength in areas needed again. Specifically working on my core and repairing any diastasis recti I have. Then on my pelvic floor after being shifted during pregnancy to help carry the extra weight.

I'll get back to strength training again full body and work on increasing my endurance with light cardio like walking. 


Phase 3: Increase Intensity (6-12 weeks)

As my strength and endurance increases, I'll then be able to increase the intensity to be able to get back to training how I was before and challenge myself further in my workouts. 

I won't be able to prep for a show unless I have taken care of the necessary foundational work needed. 

Increasing this intensity will also help aid in increasing my metabolism and building muscle in the areas needed that I might have lost during pregnancy. 

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Phase 4: Prep for Show (12-20+ weeks)

Lastly, as my body is starting to take shape for the wellness division, I will start to prep for a show. 

Once I have built the lean muscle needed and feel I am in a good routine and head space to compete, I will choose a show that is within a good time frame to shoot for. 

This ideally will also be when I have decided to stop breast feeding to have less of a mental load on me during my prep.  


Remember, each person's journey to the stage will be different and mine might even differ from this as time goes on through my postpartum journey. The important part is to do what works for you.

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