5 Benefits of Building Stronger Glutes

5 Benefits of Building Stronger Glutes

There is a lot of hype around building nice round glutes, but why?

Some just like it for the appearance, but there are reasons that are deeper as to why training them is beneficial for everyone and not just the women. 

Of course a bunch of squats will not automatically give you the glutes you want, you will have to do a combination of exercises and heavy lifting to get there.

However, understanding why training them is important will help you to understand and choose the best exercises for you. 

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The 5 Benefits of Building Stronger Glutes

5 Benefits of Building Stronger Glutes with Sarah Facemire


1. Proper Pelvic Alignment

First we need to understand what proper pelvic alignment looks like. 

The pelvis should be positioned so that it is parallel with your shoulders and the ground. 

It becomes out of alignment when one hip is either higher than the other or when it is tilted forward or backwards. 

When it becomes out of alignment it causes some muscles to get tighter and others to get weaker. 


Pelvic Alignments


With this being said, by working the glutes and training in an overall balanced fashion working everything, will help to create a perfectly aligned pelvis. 

Which brings me to my next point....


2. Supports the Lower Back

When your pelvis is out of alignment or the glutes are undertrained, you may experience lower back pain. 

Lower back pain is one of the top 3 things I find most adults struggle with as they get older. Which in turn, usually means they come to personal trainers to help alleviate this pain and work on making their back stronger.... 

While that training can help, it's usually more of a combination of years without training core and glutes to help support your lower back. 

Your glutes are there to help hip-hinging movements such as lifting, moving things, and sitting. 


3. Prevent Injuries

On top of supporting to lower back and creating better pelvic alignment, you will be preventing injuries that can happen later down the road. 

Your posture works from your toes all of the way up to your head.

Meaning that if something is out of alignment in the lower body, changes of the upper body becoming unaligned is higher. 

Then over time of things being unaligned, you will experience tightness with certain muscles and weakness or pain in other places. 




4. Better Athletic Performance

Of course if we can prevent injuries and have better alignment, we can create better athletic performance. 

You will be able lift heavier and have more endurance with training your glutes properly. 

Which means that you will be able to get stronger, build muscle, and have more stamina when it comes to your workouts that you are putting your body through. 


5. Fat Loss Management

Last but not least, your glutes and hamstrings are some of the largest muscles in your body. 

Adding muscle and training legs is known to burn more calories and also help to increase metabolism. 

By doing so and eating in a slight caloric deficit, you will be losing body fat during the process. 



 Bonus: Try this workout!

It's no surprise that I love working legs. So I wanted to give you as workout that is one of my favorites when it comes to working out the glutes. 

Give it a try and let me know what you think over on Instagram!


Booty Pump Workout by Sarah Facemire


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