The Top 3 Reasons Why Everyone Should Be Weight Lifting

The Top 3 Reasons Why Everyone Should Be Weight Lifting

You spend hours on the elliptical or treadmill, and see nothing changing.

You follow your diet plan to the letter only to put the weight back on. You have tried every cardio program and still don’t feel healthy and fit. This can all change if you start lifting weights also know as strength training.

There are 3 reasons why you need to start lifting weights now.

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The Top 3 Reasons Why Everyone Should Be Weight Lifting 

 Top 3 Reasons You Should Be Weight Lifting


The first reason why you should start lifting weights is that it will make you feel strong and fit. 

Strength training involves strengthening and toning your muscles by contracting them against a resisting force such as weights.

Lifting weights will give you the strength you need to do everyday activities with ease.

For example, running and playing with you kids.  You will also able to carry your groceries with no problems.

This new strength from lifting weights can also mean improvements in your performance while you are doing athletics such as running and playing other sports. 

As you continue to lift weights, your body puts on muscle mass which gives you body shape without looking bulky.

This will lead to you feeling better about yourself which ties into the second reason why you should start lifting weights.  


The second reason why you should start lifting weights right now is that it can change your body composition.

It is well known that muscle burns fat which means weight loss if you are eating well. When you lift weights you breakdown muscle fibers which have to repair themselves.

In order to do this, they require energy from the body to do this. As they repair themselves they grow back bigger and stronger which increases the bodies metabolic rate.

Increased metabolic rate means weight loss and feeling great about yourself. 

In short this means you will loss weight if you lift weights.  Having less body fat ties into the third and final reason you should be lifting weights right now; you will be heather with less injuries.  


The third reason why you should start lifting weights is that it will reduce your risks of injury and disease.

When you doing strength training you improve your bodies bone and joint health which means you are less likely to fall or get hurt. 

Lifting weights improves the strength of the muscles, tendons, and ligaments and bones.

These strong muscles and tendons help hold the body in  alignment and protect the bones and joints when moving or under impact.

For example your stabilizing muscles keep you from falling on the ice by helping you keep your balance.  


Just getting started in Resistance Training? Let us help! 

You should be lifting weights right now for these three reasons; strength while doing activities in daily life, looking and feeling better and finally less sickness and injuries. 

We also take on lifestyle clients who are looking to learn form, exercises, and overall improve their health no matter the age. 

All workouts are made to fit your goals, needs, and abilities. 

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