3 Ways to Track Progress other than the Scale

3 Ways to Track Progress other than the Scale

It's so often we want to see out progress on the scale but it is not always seeing everything that we are putting in to reach our goals. 

There are other ways of tracking progress without it that are more effective at seeing the whole picture. 

Time to throw away the scale, at least the idea of it being the best way to track your progress. 

Today I am sharing 3 ways that going to help you see where you are making the most progress on your journey. 

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3 ways to track your progress other than the scale



Why it's important

Without being consistent you can't reach your goals effectively. You will be caught in the yo-yo cycle

Losing weight and then gaining weight constantly. Plus the emotions and stress that comes with it. 

Being consistent ensures that you are getting results consistently over time and are able to keep the results that you have worked so hard for. 


No quick fixes

When someone asks me if this new fad diet or workout program will work, I usually always immediate ask this question....

"Is this something that you can stick to long-term?"

The answer is usually "no" or "I'm not sure." 

When it comes to your plan it needs to be something that you can stick to long-term because again, if not, you will not be consistent with it. 

Which brings me to my next point....


Made to fit you

When your plan is made to fit your goals, needs, and abilities - you are setting yourself up for success. 

This means it will fit your busy lifestyle, your nutrition struggles, and your workouts fit your desired body shape. 

Without it being made to fit you, it will also be harder to be consistent with. 




Pictures & Measurements

Seeing more

Obviously the scale only sees one thing only. Your weight. 

It doesn't see all of the hard work you are putting in the gym and your meal planning. Nor does it see where you are making the most progress. 

Taking pictures and measurements helps you to see a whole view of everything you are working hard for. 


Measurements don't lie

Taking inch measurements will allow you to see where you are making gains and where you are shrinking. 

This will ultimately help you to see if your program is working on the areas that you are wanting to see the most improvements. 

They also don't lie in this. Where pictures can be distorted and we look different under different types of lighting.



Of course with this, it is another form of accountability with yourself and your coach if you are working with one. 

Taking your pictures and measurements every week will mean that you are more apt to stick to your plan so that you can see your progress from that week. 

The scale doesn't really do this because it's easy to weigh yourself every single morning, look at the number, and then let it define us for the rest of the day. 

Pictures and measurements will give that extra layer towards your progress. 




How you are feeling

Reflection of your plan

How you feel is either a good or bad reflection of your plan that you have been following. 

It should be making you feel better overall physically and mentally rather than making you feel worse. 

Tracking how you feel with your plan, or at least taking a mental note of it will help you determine if something needs to be changed. 


What it shouldn't be doing

Your plan should not be making you over train, feel drained, and causing it to be more of a struggle to motivate yourself every day. 

Over training is a thing and I know you want to get to your goals as soon as possible, but it does take time. 

Rushing the process, can hurt you in the long run. 

Signs of over training:

  • Reduced appetite that is not allowing you to properly fuel yourself
  • Overuse injuries
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Decline in performance


What it should be doing

Your plan should be enhancing and helping you to progress in the right direction of your goals without adding more stress on the body than needed. 

Working with you and not against you in the process. 

Signs of having a good plan:

  • You feel more empowered 
  • Your form and coordination is improving 
  • You feel better than when you first started
  • Exercises are starting to feel easier than before 



All in all, the scale is not the best indicator of your progress whether you are trying to lose weight or build lean muscle. 

It comes down to your consistency with something that fits you, tracking your progress through other means like pictures and measurements, along with making you feel better in different aspects of your life compared to when you first started. 

In fact, if your plan is not working for your goals....


Let me create a plan just for you! 



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I am a emotional binge eater turned NPC Bikini Competitor and struggled with knowing how to eat for my goals let alone workout for them. 

After I lost the weight, it became my passion to help other women who were struggling with the same things I did. This ultimately led me to becoming a certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist.

When it comes to making your plan we will chat about what it is that you are struggling with along with what goals you are wanting to work towards.

From here I'll create your plan with you to make sure it fits your goals, needs, and abilities.

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