The Biggest Problem In Losing Weight And How To Fix It

The Biggest Problem In Losing Weight And How To Fix It

I'm sure you have heard it can be hard to lose weight or that you are not seeing very much progress right now towards your goals with what you are currently doing. 

Everyone tells you to eat less, workout more, and somehow that will automatically make you reach your goals. 

Truth is, it will take time depending on how much you have to lose and what you decide to do to get there.

For some it will be harder to lose than it does for others, but no one really covers the number 1 problem there is when it comes to losing weight and how to honestly fix it so that you can continue seeing results on your journey. 

Can you guess what the biggest problem is?

If you guessed consistency, you are correct.


The biggest problem with losing weight and how to fix it


Why is consistency the biggest problem?

Weight will fluctuate up and down based on your daily habits. If those daily habits are not consistent, your results will not be either. 

It is a journey because even though you can reach your goals, if you stop doing what you were doing in the first place, eventually you will end right back to where you were to begin with.

No one wants that, but I have seen it happen many times. I have even had that happen as well on my own journey. 


How do you stay consistent?

This is going to look different for every single person. No one will ever be the same and a lot of factors will play into this. 

However, there are some key factors to look at on how you can determine what will work for you to make sure you continue seeing the results that you are working so hard for. 

  1. Will it fit your schedule and current obligations?
  2. Do you have the knowledge needed to reach your goals?
  3. What do you need to do on a daily basis to reach your goals?
  4. Can you stick to it long-term?
  5. How will you keep yourself accountable?

If you are unsure of what will work for you and are struggling to find a plan that works for you, lets break it down. 


Will it fit into your schedule and current obligations?

Having a plan that fits your goals, needs, and abilities will be key to staying on track. If it doesn't fit into your schedule, it's going to be that much harder to stick to something. 

The days where you are super busy means that you will end up putting yourself on the back burner and not do what you really intended on doing for your goals. Been there, done that.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • How much time do you have to dedicate to working out each week and day? 30 or 60 min?
  • What time of the day will be best for you to get your workout in?
  • Will the time that you are able to dedicate during the week be enough to get you to your goals?

It's important to understand and have a plan of action for the time that you will be able to dedicate to your goals with your workouts and nutrition. 

Fail to plan, plan to fail. 


Do you have the knowledge to reach your goals?

It will end up taking longer to reach your goals if you are constantly just throwing different ideas against the wall hoping something will stick like a spaghetti noodle rather than having a solid plan .

If you don't have the knowledge to reach your goals, find someone who does. 

I can't tell you how many times I wish I had enlisted the help of someone who studied what I wanted and needed to know in order to reach my goals. Saves you a lot of time and money in the long run rather than trying to figure it all out on my own. 

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • What do I have questions about and how can I gain more knowledge to answer those questions?
  • Will I be able to find the answers from a credible source?
  • Will I need the help of a professional to reach my goals?



What do you need to do on a daily basis to reach your goals?

Your daily habits add up quickly and make a difference whether or not you reach your goals. 

If you don't change your daily habits, you stay where you are, or even worse, you will be getting farther and farther from your goal that you wanted in the first place. 

They don't need to be overly complicated either. Just simple things that you can change and made a new healthier habit to get rid of the habits that are keeping you from where you want to be. 

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • What are 3-5 habits that I am currently doing on a daily basis that is keeping me from losing weight?
  • Are they something that I can control and fix?
  • What is the number one thing that is going to help me get started in the right direction?

When you change your daily habits to healthier ones, you change your life. 

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Can you stick to it long-term?

You may not know whether you can stick to it long-term yet if you are new to losing weight. However, this is the single biggest question I ask anyone who asks if x, y, and z is something that they should try.

I ask this because, usually most will then think about whether it would be sustainable for them. 9 times out of 10 it is not when it comes to some fad diet or cookie cutter plan. 

If you are still not sure whether it would be sustainable for you, ask yourself these questions: 

  • Will I be able to maintain the habits needed to make this a life-long commitment?
  • Will it do more harm to my health (physically and mentally) than good following this plan?

Just because someone else does it and it works for them does not mean that will get the same desired results and be able to stick to it for the long haul.



How will you keep yourself accountable?

This is HUGE! It's easy to be able to stick to a new plan when it is fresh, but when it becomes 1-2 weeks old.... that's a different story.

Staying accountable means that you have someone in your corner motivating you get it done even on the days you have no desire to show up. 

Discipline comes with time and keeping yourself accountable will come with time, but usually takes several years unless you are just that strong willed. 

Even for those who are the strongest mentally to power through will need someone in their corner too. 

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Who inspires me the most?
  • How can I stay the most accountable?
  • Do I have the willpower and discipline to show up every day?

This is one of the biggest reasons that someone will get a trainer and coach because not only are you paying money to someone to take the guesswork out, you have someone who you have to show up for even when you sometimes wish you could take the day off. 

Many clients of mine love and hate this at the same time, but it's those who have that accountability, see their results faster than the ones who didn't have someone. 


Need someone to keep you accountable? We got you! 

Top Knot Strong has several trainers who can help you in losing weight and reach your goals in a more balanced way so that you reach your goals even sooner.

We specialize in helping you to create a a healthier lifestyle in a more balanced way without cutting out all foods completely and make your plan so that it fits your goals, needs, and abilities. 

Our goal is to help you to overcome what has been holding you back from your goals and helping you to become stronger inside and out for long lasting results.

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