The Top 10 Things You Need In Order To Lose Weight Quickly

The Top 10 Things You Need In Order To Lose Weight Quickly

You've decided that you want to lose weight, but are not sure how to get all of the stubborn fat off at the same time. 

There are so many things you find on the internet so it's hard to know what is exactly going to work for you to reach your goals without paying a ton of money or feeling like you are starving yourself at the same time. 

That's why we have complied a list of the Top 10 Things You Need In Order To Lose Weight Quickly here.


 Top 10 things you need in order to lose weight quickly


#1: Drink more water

I know that this isn't the most glamorous thing in the world, but so often overlooked.

Our bodies are made up of over 50% of water, so it really is a no-brainer as to why we need to be drinking more water. It's also very beneficial to us as humans for many different reasons that makes losing weight just a little bit easier in the long run. 



#2: Staying more active 

If you are new to the whole working out thing and have no idea where to start, let me just start by saying, you just need to be a little bit more active than what you are used to. 

This is going to look different for every single person based on their goals, needs, and abilities. 

If you are just getting started, then you will want to be working out for at least 3-4 times per week for at least 30 minutes each time. 

From there you can increase the intensity or the length of time of your workout based on how your body is feeling and to challenge yourself further to burn even more calories. 


Stay more active


#3: Consume slightly less calories

In order to lose weight you have to consume slightly less calories than what your body is burning per day. 

There are a ton of calculators out there to plug in and see how many calories you need for your goals, but that will vary widely depending on the person and what calculations that they use. 

I calculate all of this for each of my clients that I work closely with so it takes the stress out of it and you no longer have to guess, but since I am not working with you yet, I want to at least help you in getting started on the right foot. 

Start by tracking your calories that you are already consuming on a daily basis for a week without changing anything as this will give you a baseline to go off of.

From there cut your calories back just slightly to consume less. No more than 500 calories from each day. 



#4: Know it starts from the inside

A healthy outside always starts from a healthy. You cannot outwork bad nutrition, and your mindset will 100% determine whether you succeed or not. 

What I always recommend is to pick something that you know that you struggle with. Motivation, belief in yourself, confidence, etc... Then pick a book or podcast to listen or read to help those areas that you struggle with.

I had a hard time at the beginning of my journey because I didn't feel worthy of having the body that I desired and felt like I was never going to get there. 

After reading various books, that definitely improved over time and I starting seeing the results I was looking for. 

 Planning ahead meal prep


#5: Planning ahead

The Top Knot Strong Community here's me say this all of the time....

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."

When you want to get the results and lose the weight you need to be consistent and plan ahead to avoid falling off track with reaching your goals. 

Meal planning and prepping can help greatly in this and was one of the best tools I learned to help myself stay on track and not eat out so much. 

If I had food prepped I didn't want it to go to waste, and I didn't have the excuse that I was hungry and didn't have anything at home to eat.




#6: Avoiding processed food

If you start looking at food labels and can't read some of the ingredients on the list, I can almost guarantee it is something that is processed.

There are many ingredients that are artificial and make it harder to break down in your body after consuming it. 

Less ingredients the better and it will be easier for your body to digest, which in return means that you are going to get better nutrients out of it that your body craves. 

The easiest way to do this is start making the meals that you love at home and have take-out less often. 


 Cauliflower quote


#7: Eat more veggies 

Yes.... you need to eat veggies. 

I completely believe in having balance overall when it comes to nutrition, but you definitely need some veggies in your life. 

They are lower in calories which means that you can eat more of them.

They are higher in fiber, vitamins, and minerals that your body loves to give you energy, and less cravings for those things that you body tells you need. When it really... is just wanting some nutrients it is lacking on a daily basis.




#8: Don't drink your calories

If I would have started this sooner on my journey, I would have saved so much money and time from the weight I had gained. 

Most drinks that have calories in them are filled with sugar and no nutritional value to you. So as it is digested, most of the time is converted into fat.

With it usually not having any nutritional value, your body is not being satisfied and causing many to eat more or still feel hungry at the end of the day even if you did hit your caloric target for the day. 

You get to eat more and will be able to hit that caloric target without feeling starved as long as you are not drinking your calories for the day. 


Tiffany Johnson 2 month results


#9: Stay consistent

When asked in the Top Knot Strong Community, the number 1 thing they struggle with in reaching their goals was.... Consistency. 

Even I still struggle with it from time to time, but making healthier habits over time will keep you more consistent.

If you can't stay consistent, you will lose and then gain everything you lost right back. 

This is the biggest downfall in all of the fad diets and programs because they don't address your relationship with food and they are not at your own fitness level either. 

Which brings me to the last thing.....




#10: Follow a workout & eating plan

When you don't have something to follow, it means that you are going to spend even more time not staying consistent. 

Constantly fluctuating up and down in weight and all of the emotions that goes with it. 

You need a plan that will fit your goals, needs, and abilities to ensure you keep the results for long-term.

Both the eating plan and workout plan should work together based on the intensity of the workouts, and the amount that your body needs to not feel starved to keep you getting consistent results. 



With everything combined, you will be on your way to losing weight.

It would not be my job to not get you the results that you are looking for as a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist here at Top Knot Strong. 

I want to offer you the opportunity to join, where you will get access to a monthly workout plan, and monthly eating plan tailored to your goals.

To get get started for a custom plan with a coach helping you every step of the way, schedule a free 15 minute consultation today! 

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