How to Get Out of Your Nutrition Rut

How to Get Out of Your Nutrition Rut

I have been asked recently what I did to get out of my nutrition rut, and I can honestly say that I had to think about it. 

I never thought about the process because I was just so focused on getting back on track with my nutrition, but now that I have had time to think about it - I want to share it with you. 

 How to get out of your nutrition rut


What made you stop?

One thing I really thought about was what made me stop my healthier routine towards my goals. It turned out it was a combination of things at the end of the day that kind of piled up for me over the course of some time. 

However, if you know what made you stop in the first place you can start finding ways that you can avoid that from happening again in the future. 


What it came down to for me:

  • Stress - made me want to eat my emotions
  • Limited time - made me not want to take the extra time to make food
  • Cravings - I craved sweets and carbs as I wasn't having a healthy balance or healthy relationship with food
  • Lazy - lacking energy, stressed, and everything else combined I became lazy about reaching my goals and putting myself on the back burner


If you have to write all of the reasons down. We will work through them here and be able to create a plan that better works for you. 


What are you working towards?

It's time to refocus on your goals. We all can get a little complacent sometimes as other things get in the way. 

Digging deep into what you are working towards will allow you to refocus yourself and make a plan of action to achieve what you want to. 

Here are 7 ways to set your goals and achieve them



What can you change?

At the end of the day, what you were doing was not working for you at the time of falling off track. It is our job now to find out what small changes you can make and stick to. 

Planning ahead? Prepping your food? Viewing food different?

These are all great and small changes that you can make!


Planning ahead

Do you have a plan in place for what you want to achieve? Or are you winging it? Doing whatever you see someone else doing because it is working for them. That doesn't usually work... you will probably find that out very soon as what works for someone else may not work the best for you. 

If you have a plan in place of what exercises and what calorie and macro targets to stick to, you will be able to now plan ahead to stick to your plan. 

This can mean waking up a little earlier to go to the gym, prepping your meals ahead of time, packing a gym bag for right after work, etc.. 


Prepping your food

Not everyone loves to prep their food, but I can gladly say that when I do I am more on track than ever to reach my goals!

When I don't it feels like a disaster and I will fall off of my plan very quickly as I am usually hungry right then and there. 


The benefits of meal prepping:

  • Saving money 
  • Always have something ready to eat 
  • Controlled portions 
  • Spend more time on other things 
  • Eliminate hidden calories 
  • Removing temptations 
  • Waste elimination 
  • Alleviates stress 

Here is how to start meal prepping today!

 21 / 90 rule for habits and lifestyle


Viewing food differently

How you view food will be directly how you eat your food....

If you view food as comfort, you will eat it for comfort. 

If you view food as fuel, you will eat it for fuel. 


This is a major difference that I learned over time and what I was grabbing to eat in times of lacking energy or being completely stressed out. 


Sticking to it

Success is not a straight line. You will have your ups and downs. You just have to be willing to accept that and trust the process.

The keys to any success with health and fitness goals are having a great plan in place, consistency, and patience. 

Learning to be on the journey for the long haul will mean you will make this more of a lifestyle change to not only reach your goals, but KEEP them! 




You should not have to starve yourself every single day to reach your goals as that will not be manageable in the long-term and can cause other issues later on. 

By scheduling a free 15 minute consultation with a Top Knot Strong coach today, we can go over what has been holding you back and develop a plan that will help you better reach your goals for the long-term. 

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