How to Prep for a Wellness Bodybuilding Competition (Or Any Division)

How to Prep for a Wellness Bodybuilding Competition (Or Any Division)

This article will primarily focus on the Wellness Division, although the information can also be applied to the Bikini or Figure Divisions.

Wellness is a relatively newer category in the United States.

Due to its novelty, there is a lack of comprehensive information available on how to prepare for this division and present a suitable physique on stage.

In this article, I will cover the basics and provide guidance on getting started.


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Today, we will cover three key aspects:

  1. Understanding the criteria that judges are seeking.
  2. Estimating the time required for your preparation.
  3. Exploring your posing routine and suit choices.


     How to prep for npc wellness bodybuilding competition


    What they are looking for

    Let's take a deeper look at the Wellness Division and what the judges are looking for from the NPC rules and regulations

    This division is for women who have an athletic physique, specifically with more body mass in the hips, glutes, and thighs. While the upper body should be developed, it shouldn't be as prominent as the lower body.

    The ideal conditioning for this division is similar to that of Bikini Athletes, with slightly more muscle and less body fat, showcasing some muscle separation without any striations.

    Essentially, the goal is to strike a balance between the look of a Bikini Competitor and a Figure Competitor.

    For more detailed rules and regulations, you can visit the NPC website directly.


    Looking for a show near you 

    To find a show near you, the easiest method is to use Google. Different federations exist within the sport of bodybuilding, so it's important to conduct some research to determine the best federation for you.

    Examine the history of athletes who have competed in the federation, as well as their rules and regulations.

    Next, use Google to search for shows organized by that specific federation in your state or country. For instance, you can search for "NPC Wellness Competitions in Florida."

    Review the available dates for the year to assess how much time you would have and whether it is achievable for you.

    Later in this article, I will provide guidance on determining the necessary time frame.


    Past Winners


    Isabelle Nunes, the overall winner of the NPC North American Championships in Wellness, has an impressive physique. Her shoulders, quads, hamstrings, and glutes are well-developed while still maintaining a lean appearance.

    For more examples of athletes in the Wellness category and to understand what the judges are seeking, visit this link: It will provide you with valuable insights on the standards you need to strive for.

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    What the judges are looking for in a Wellness Bodybuilding Competition, How long it will take to prep for a show, Your posing suit and routine

    Time Frame

    Building a good foundation

    The time frame for achieving your goals depends on various factors. These include your current body fat percentage, consistency in workouts, relationship with food, and how your body responds to your routine.

    It's important to establish a strong foundation before diving into show preparation.

    If you struggle with weight loss or have health concerns that make it challenging, it's crucial to give yourself ample time to prepare and condition your body.

    Ideally, you should aim to be 15-20 pounds away from your target body fat percentage on show day. This means that losing this amount of weight would put you at the desired level for judges to assess Wellness Competitors.


    Cutting Body Fat

    Before cutting body fat, it is necessary to build lean muscle.

    The objective during the cutting phase is to retain as much muscle as possible while losing body fat.

    Achieving this requires a combination of workouts and nutrition that work in harmony, incorporating macros, calories, reps, sets, and exercises.

    Ideally, the goal is to lose around 1-2 pounds per week.


    Don't rush it!

    I cannot stress this enough: do not rush this process, as it can have detrimental effects on your health.

    I speak from personal experience and the experiences of other athletes who attempted to expedite their progress. They ended up damaging their metabolism, experiencing hormonal imbalances, and facing other complications.

    Remember, slower is better! Taking your time means you don't have to drastically reduce your calorie intake.

    The stage will always be available when you are ready, so prioritize your overall health and take your time.

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    Your Suit & Routine

    Posing routine outline

    In your routine, perform a front pose, followed by a quarter turn to the right for a side pose. Then, complete another quarter turn to the right for a back pose. Finally, make one more turn to return to the front and face the judges.

    Avoid bending your arms and wrists upward or outward.

    Maintain a constant smile and direct your gaze towards the judges during the front and side poses.


    Adding your own personality to it

    This is your moment to excel! You have dedicated a lot of effort to reach this point.

    Once you have mastered the fundamentals, incorporate your personal style into your routine. This will set you apart from the other competitors.

    Consider adding subtle yet eye-catching elements such as shoulder pops, winks, or hair movements. These small details can make a big impact. Similarly, choose a swimsuit that reflects your individuality.

    Keep in mind that your routine should be concise, lasting only 10-15 seconds. Therefore, opt for quick movements during pose transitions.


    Wellness bikini suit cut

    The bikini two-piece is similar to the figure suit in that they are not connected.

    The front of the suit bottom must have a V-shape and be made entirely of material without any connectors. Thongs or T-back suits are not allowed.


    When you know what the judges are looking for, what time frame you are looking at and the routine you will be practicing again and again - everything else become that much easier.

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