Money saving tops for a bikini competition

Money Saving Tips for a Successful Bikini Competition Season

I'm sure if you have already looked at bikini competition suits and then a coach, that it can pricey to enter a Bodybuilding Competition. 

Between the preparation and then the day of, everything will add up! 

This isn't to say that there are some ways to save money without giving up the most important stuff. 

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Money Saving Tips for a Successful Bikini Competition Season

how to save money for bikini competition


Introduction: On the Road to a Bikini Competition

When it comes to the bikini competition costs, you need to know everything you will need by show day. 

Other than the obvious competition suit, you will also need these items: 

  • heels & jewelry
  • makeup & hair
  • tan & robe 
  • hotel (if not living near venue for show)
  • gym membership or equipment at home
  • coach for training, nutrition, and/or posing 
  • supplements 
  • show competitor card
  • show registration fees

The cost of a bikini competition comes down to what you want to spend your money on and what is important to you. 

With everything listed, you could spend upwards of $2000 or more to compete.

Which to some people may feel like a lot depending on your current situation, but if you stay until the end, I will break down how and where you can save on all of this. 

 Many thinks it only takes 12 weeks but they don't see all of the work put in.

What to Expect Before your Show 

This will also come down to the time frame for a bikini competition. 

Typically it's been known that bikini competitors will cut fat and shred for at least 12 weeks prior to their show date.  

However, many forget to mention that you will have to spend even time before that (at least 6-12 months) to build muscle and be in a healthy routine. 

This means that your cost upfront will mostly come from your gym/equipment for training, supplements if you take them, and also your coach to help work on the areas you need to ensure you are ready for your show. 

Everything else will be needed by show day. 



How Much Can You Save on Your Bikini Competition Costs?

Saving money on your costs as a competitor comes down to spending money on what matters.

Things like heels, jewelry, competition suit, registration, competitors card, and a gym membership are essential to show day.

Other things like your tan, make up, and hair you can do or teach yourself how to do. 

Supplements and having a coach are not required in order to be able to compete, but they can however, make the process easier!

With this being said, you will have to determine where you can cut costs if that is a concern and what is important to you for stepping on stage. 

 midnight blue bikini bodybuilding practice posing suit

How much does it cost to compete in a Bikini Competition?

Let's break it down on what it can cost to compete based on a 12 week prep.

 Coaching $100-250 per month x3 $300-750
Supplements $50-100 per month x3 $150-300
Gym Membership $30 x3 $90
Show Registration Including Competitor Card $200-300
Competition Suit 6-8 Weeks Prior to Show $300-500
Jewelry & Heels $60
Tan & Hair  Professionally Done $200
Hotel & Travel $200
TOTAL $1500-2400
*NOTE: This is an average. Prices will vary based on where you live and the location of your show. 


money saving tips for bikini competition


Learn from my Mistakes

My first competition, I needed to cut costs anywhere that I could. 

This meant that I coached myself, I didn't take very many supplements (just protein powder), I did my tan myself, I bought a second-hand suit, I worked out from home, and I ended up doing my own hair and make up. 

Con's of some of these:

  • Coaching myself - I had to be very disciplined and had no one else to rely on for my plan when it came to training, nutrition, and posing. Even when I started to second guess myself.
  • The tan - Using the Pro Tan bought online, I was still not dark enough compared to others on stage. I also was completely washed out on stage. 
  • Buying a second-hand suit - Great purchase to fit, but I had to buy 2 in order to find one that fit me just right before show day. Not to mention, most suits are not cleaned... 
  • Working out from home - I only had a bench, bands, and dumbbells then. Which helped but I was limited on what I could do for my training. 
  • Doing my own hair and make up - I am not a professional and had to practice several times before show day. With this being said, I didn't have much makeup prior to show day so I ended up spending what I would have to have someone else to do it in the first place and it would have matched my tan better.


Conclusion: Start Saving Today for Your Next Season

One of the reasons that I started Top Knot Strong was to be able to have a way for first time competitors to SAVE MONEY! 

I know what it is like to prep for a show and try to make all ends meet. 

The good news is that with Top Knot Strong, you can save money on your prep and for your show. 


How is this possible?

1. Having everything in one place when it comes to competing means that you don't have to hire multiple people like a personal trainer, nutritionist, posing coach, etc.

2. Supplements are not required and will work with your budget.

3. Our athletes also get discounts on all of our suits, meal plans, and posing sessions! 


Instead of spending upwards of $2000 we can work with your budget to help you save for your show.

 To get started, schedule a free 15 minute consultation today!
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