The best posing tips for bodybuilding competitors to slay the stage

The Best Posing Tips for Competitors to Slay the Stage

Bodybuilding Competitions are all about showing your physique in the best light. No matter which division you are entering in you will want to bring your best package. 

This includes your stage presence, overall physique, and confidence the whole time while being in a bikini and heels. 

While the training and nutrition is important to be able to show what the judges are looking for, your routine to slay the stage is just as important in order to place well at your competition.


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The Best Posing Tips for Competitors to Slay the Stage

The best posing tips for bodybuilders to slay the stage


5 Posing Tip Basics for Bodybuilding Competition’s:

  • Be confident in your whole routine
  • Smile whenever facing the judges
  • Know what poses will work best with your body type and muscle tone before stepping onstage
  • Follow rules and guidelines for what the judges will be looking for in your routine
  • Practice your routine until it becomes more natural to you


Applying Posing Techniques for Successful Stage Presence

When it comes to posing for your competition each division and federation will have slightly different things they are looking for and judging your physique on.

The best competition poses are the ones that not only show the judges what they are looking for, but also what highlights your body the best.

Each person is different so there are ways to help highlight your strengths in your physique to stand out even more.

The best thing you can do to get started is study.

  1. What will you be judged on?
  2. Mandatory poses that need to be included
  3. Transition options
  4. Stage Presence

Then it will be time to apply and practice, practice, and PRACTICE!

Most competitors have always said that they wished they had started practicing sooner than they did.

Practice by recording yourself with your phone lower than eye level to see how you will look to the judges when you are stage and make small tweaks to improve it as you go. 

While the training and nutrition is just as important to focus on, your routine can make or break your placing at your show against the other competitors.


Tips on How to Improve Your Stage Presence with Posing Techniques

1. Balance

They are looking for overall balance and symmetry from head to toe in your poses.

This does not mean that you need to always be head on with the judges, but rather that your legs and arms should give shape and symmetry in your varying poses.

Examples of this:

 Example of balance in figure bodybuilding pose

Example of Balance in Bikini Bodybuilding Pose

2. In Front of Camera

Whenever you are facing the judges you should be facing them as if you are getting your picture taken.

The only time that you are not facing them or getting your picture taken would be in your back pose.


3. Facial Expression with Catwalk Like Background

Facial expressions tell all.

Be happy to be on stage, you have worked hard for it and it is an adrenaline rush.

If you mess up, don’t let anyone else know. Fake it until you make it.


4. Body Movement on the Stage

Your body should flow and feel almost natural on stage. No edgy movements.

Hands relaxed, flexed muscles to accentuate your best features in poses. No arms covering up what the judges want to see in each pose.

It will almost in a sense feel like a dance. Everything should flow seamlessly together.


5. Walk like you own the stage

Similar to a model in heels, you will walk like you own the stage no matter where you go.

From the time you step on to the time you step off.

They will usually have someone on stage to help show you where to go.

Walk to the center of the stage to do your mandatory poses and routine. Then usually walk off to the side to wait on all of the other girls in your height class to go through their routines.

Then you will have comparisons.

This is where the whole group will be compared. The judges will have the opportunity to compare all competitors against each other where they will call out what they want you do.


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