Key Factors that Affect Building Lean Muscle

Key Factors that Affect Building Lean Muscle

 If you want a toned shaped body and a fast metabolism you need to build muscle. However, building muscle is no easy task.

There are many factors that affect building muscle. 

Key Factors that affect building lean mass include what you do, and what you eat.

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Key Factors that Affect Building Lean Muscle

Key Factors that Effect Building Lean Muscle - Michelle P


What should I do to build lean muscle?

A key factor to building lean mass is what you do in and out of the gym. In order to build mass, you need to be lifting weights regularly.

Strength training or lifting weights involves strengthening and toning your muscles by contracting them against a resisting force such as weights, cables or bands.

Building lean mass takes time and consistency to grow. In order to build lean mass you should be lifting 3 to 4 days a week for a long time period. 

Another key factor to building mass is, you need to make sure you are lifting enough weight so the muscle fibers break so they have to repair.

When your muscles repair they grow back bigger and stronger. Once you have the gym down you need to focus on the key factors that build mass outside of the gym. 



Sleep is also a key factor in building muscle.

Sleep helps with the growth hormone and the building of muscle.

This means if you don’t get enough sleep you will not be able to build lead mass.  Now that you are working out regularly and getting your eight hours of sleep it’s time to look at what you are eating switch is the key factor to building lean mass. 





The next key factor that affects building lean mass is what you eat and how much you eat.

In order to build lean mass you need to be in calorie surplus. A calorie surplus is when you eat more that what you body needs which causes you to build muscle. This doesn’t mean go crazy it mean you are eating more that what your requires. 

Now that you know how much to eat to build lean mass, it’s time to look at what you need to eat.

Eating protein rich foods is a keep factor in building muscle because it provides the building blocks for repairing and building muscle. Protein rich foods include lean meats, dairy, beans and nuts.

Eat healthy carbs and healthy fats such as oats and peanut butter to provide you with the energy you need to get you through your day.

Finally drink lots water.  


Building lean mass is not an easy task. The key factors for building lean is working out the right way, making sure you get enough sleep, being in a calorie surplus and healthy nutrient rich foods. 



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