Why it is important to change up your fitness exercise routine

Why it is important to change up your fitness exercise routine

Fitness routines are great; they keep you happy and consistent. They challenge you and get you to your goals. They help you see the progress you have made and keep you accountable.

Most importantly, if you like your workout you will keep going because it gets easier. But sometimes you need to change things up. These are the reasons why you need to change your fitness routine every so often. 


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Why it is important to change up your fitness exercise routine

Why it is important to change up your fitness exercise routine - Michelle P


Reason one why you need to change you routine is that it stops you from not seeing progress and getting stuck.

Changing up your fitness routine prevents you from plateauing and not progressing because it keeps your body guessing what’s going on and pushes you.

When you start doing a fitness routine you muscles have to work harder to do the exercises and repair themselves after doing the work.  Over the course of a few weeks your muscles adapt and get used to thee exercise you are doing and they don’t have to work as hard.

This causes you too plateau. By changing the weight, reps or exercises; you can stop this from happening which leads to the second reason why you need to change your routine.



Changing your routine regularly leads to fat loss and gains in strength and endurance which is the second reason why changing your fitness routine is important.

When you introduce new exercises to your body; it helps you gain strength and muscle mass. Different exercises or different reps makes your body work in different ways which causes the body to burn calories. This leads to changes you body composition. These increases will also improve your metabolic rate which will allow you to have more calories.




Reason three why you need to change up your routine is it also prevents you from getting overuse injuries.

When you do the same thing over and over again your body doesn’t have enough time to repair and recovery which can cause injuries.

Doing something repeatedly can cause the muscles and tendons to wear away or weaken. By changing your routine you prevent this from happening because your body gets confused and has to work hard.


Changing your fitness routine also prevents you from getting bored which is the fourth reason.

Being sucks and can cause you to quit working. But changing up your routine it keeps everything fresh and exciting.

There is nothing like the feeling you get when you start something new. 


The reasons for changing you routine are prevents plateau, changes in body composition,  prevents injuries, and prevents borden. 


 Not sure how to change up your routine? We can help! 

Keeping your routine custom to your goals, needs, and abilities is key to help you progress towards your goals. 

No crazy hours of working out in the gym or endless amounts of cardio here. 

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