Why you shouldn't focus on the scale when aiming to lose weight

Why you shouldn't focus on the scale when aiming to lose weight

You eat healthy, work out hard, try to get enough sleep but the scale is not moving.

This makes you upset stressed and question your plan. You think you are not changing or progressing. But this is not true. 

Here are some reasons why the numbers on the scale don’t matter and how to deal with it so you can keep going.


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Why you shouldn't focus on the scale when aiming to lose weight

Why you shouldn't focus on just using the scale when aiming to lose weight - Michelle P


The scale is only one measurement that shows you what you weight total.

The scale doesn’t tell you your body composition.

When you eat healthy and lift weights you are changing you body composition inside and outside; you are loosing body fat and gaining muscle which means your weight will not change but you will loose inches.

The scale is not as important because your weight can change at a drop of depending on what you ate or how much water you drank.

For example, every gram of carbohydrate you consume causes your body to hold on to about 3 grams of water.

Which means a big plate of pasta, or potatoes or French fries can guarantee an increase in temporary water weight that will absolutely show up on your scale.

Usually it takes a a couple days for the scale to go back down. So if you see the scale go up give yourself a few days before you panic.


Expectation and Reality of Losing Weight Graphic


When you first start exercising, the progress you make is happening inside your body.

Your heart is learning how to pump blood more your body is creating and your muscles are getting stronger to adapt to your workouts.

These are things that simply won't show up on a scale. So these are the ways to deal with the scale.



View the scale as one of many ways to track your progress.

If you have scale that shows other measurements focus on those too.

Take weekly pictures to show yourself how you are really doing.

Pictures show how small you are getting and the muscles you are developing.

Body measurements can also show you how much fat you have lost because your measurements will go down even if the scales doesn’t.


In short the scale is one measurement.

The trick is to have other ways to track you progress so you can really see how you are doing.

This includes tracking body fat, inches or pictures.


Why you shouldn't just focus on the scale when aiming to lose weight - Michelle P 

Obsessing about the number on the scale?

Remember this number does not define you. 

We ALL have been here at one point when being on our health and fitness journey. 

If you need help, Top Knot Strong is here to help! 

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