10 Delicious Low-Calorie Sauces And Dressings To Add Flavor To Your Diet

10 Delicious Low-Calorie Sauces And Dressings To Add Flavor To Your Diet

If you love adding sauces and dressings to your meals but realize it's causing you to go over on calories and macros, these are going to be great to add to your diet. 

Most dressings are high in calories, fats, and sugar. Plus many have extra additives that are not always the best when it comes to cutting body fat. 

These 10 low calorie condiments are delicious and will leave your taste buds happy and satisfied. 

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10 low calorie sauces and dressings to cut body fat


Why Low-Calorie?

Dieting doesn't have to be boring

It gets old quick if you are trying to cut body fat and are eating the same thing every day. 

You get sick of the taste of the foods that you have a lot of and quite often this is why someone would stop eating those foods and opt for something that might not fit within their plan. 

The key is to have variety and you don't have to eat bland chicken and broccoli every single day to get into competition shape. 


Fitting into your macros without sacrificing flavor

Having low-calorie sauces and dressings just opens up your opportunity for different flavors and meals that you can still have within your macros without sacrificing the flavor. 

These will help to keep your fats and carbs down as those are typically what most people go over first when tracking their food intake.

If it fits in, you can have it. 


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What To Look For

Keep it natural

Look for more whole ingredients. 

Keeping it as natural with the ingredients as possible will help your body be able to process and digest it that much easier. 

Some low calorie sauces are filled with additives and chemically made ingredients that can leave us feeling like we are still hungry and wanting more. 


Everything in moderation

Of course you can still have too much of anything. 

This is why you still want to track what you do use so that you are not going over your macros and staying on target with your goals. 


Homemade is always best!

If you can take a little extra time, make your own. 

This way you know exactly what it is made of and can tweak it to your own liking and taste. 

It's even more delicious this way too! 


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10 Low-Calorie Sauces & Dressings To Add Flavor To Your Life

1. Mustard

Yellow mustard


2. Balsamic Vinaigrette

Low calorie balsamic vinaigrette



3. No Sugar Added Ketchup

 no sugar added ketchup low calorie sauce


4. Sugar Free BBQ Sauce

sugar free bbq sauce low calorie sauce


5. Sugar-free syrup

sugar free syrup low calorie sauces


6. Hot sauce 

hot sauce low calorie sauce


7. Buffalo Sauce

low calorie buffalo sauce


8. Liquid Aminos

low calorie liquid aminos soy sauce alternative


9. Tzatziki Sauce

low calorie tzatziki sauce


10. Light sour cream

 low calorie sour cream sauce



Opting for Low-Calorie sauces and dressings can help when you are trying to achieve shredding body fat or while prepping for a bikini competition, but it doesn't help having balance in your overall nutrition. 

Here at Top Knot Strong we pride ourselves in creating more balance in your nutrition so that you are consistently reaching your goals and have a healthy relationship with food. 

If you want to stop being super restrictive about what you eat and enjoy the foods you love while also reaching your goals, let us create a custom meal plan just for you! 

Grab a meal plan that is customized to your goals, needs, and abilities today! 

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