How to Pick Your First Bikini Competition Suit

How to Pick Your First Bikini Competition Suit

You have decided to compete in your first bikini bodybuilding competition, and are falling in love with all of the sparkly suits that you find around you, but are questioning if you will half as good on stage as you are not near being stage ready yet.

It can be a little scary to choose and to make a purchase on your first suit and to invest anywhere from $100 to $1000. EEEK!

With Top Knot Strong, we want to help make this process easier and learn what will ultimately make you look your best for show day and help you to feel confident and sexy when you walk across the stage.


How to pick your first bikini competition suit

#1 - Decide what organization and division that you are wanting to compete in

While it can super exciting that you are in the process of looking at suits, you want to make sure that your suit will not hurt you when you are stepping on stage.

Over the years the different organizations have about the same rules about the suits that you are wearing but some will have slight differences when it comes to coverage sometimes.

ALWAYS be sure to check out the rules and regulations for the organization and division that you want to compete in whether that is bikini, fitness, or figure.

They will be your direct source to help you determine what you need and what they will judge you on in the first place.

Here's where you can find some rules from different organizations:




#2 - The color of your suit

The color of your suit will either make you look washed out on stage or complement your and your skin tone.

Ultimately you need a color that you feel the best in, but there are some other things to consider when picking the color.

Your skin tone

If you are fair skinned, you might find that a darker color would look better and if you have a darker skin tone, you might find that a lighter color would look better. You have to remember that either way, you will be darker because of the dark competition spray tan.

Most dark competition spray tans will have an orange or greenish undertone to it.

You can always ask the tanning company that is sponsored at the show that you want to compete in what the competition tan looks like from past competitors or asks competitors themselves what they have experienced in the past from the different tanning companies.

An orange or coral color is usually not suited for most girls, but some can pull it off fantastically.

Is there a color now that you love against your skin tone?

How do you think this same color would look with a dark spray tan?

Your hair color

You will also want to consider what your hair color is now and if you plan on changing it for your competition.

Some will want to be blonde, some will want dark chocolate hair and others want fun colors throughout their hair.

All of them are fine to have, but your suit color should complement what hair color you have and definitely not match your hair color.

Microsoft PowerPoint - LandingPage-BestPractices.pptx

Looking at the chart above from Calligraffitied you can see different hair color tones along with other colors.

Complimentary colors

These are those directly opposite each other on the wheel e.g red & green; blue & orange. They look good together and compliment each other.

Complimentary colors are going to look a lot better on someone's skin tone and hair overall. We have made a list of suit colors that would look really good based on your hair color below.

How to pick your first bikini competition suit1 (1).png

This is not to say that pink, yellow, or white needs to be avoided because if those colors look great on you and that's what you feel confident and sexy in, then we say go for it!

#3 - The cut of your suit

This will largely be determined on the organization and the division that you are competing in.

If you are a newbie to all of this, then you are going to have to see what the suit maker offers in terms of cuts. Then you are also going to want to look at what your body type is.

Some will have more coverage than others. A moderate coverage will cover about half of your booty, whereas in the pro-cuts of suits, they are going to offer minimal coverage. The suit maker can make adjustments to be slightly bigger or smaller usually for coverage if you have a special request.

Things to consider during the cut is what you are ultimately going to feel comfortable with, what is allowed on stage, and what will best suit your body.

For someone who carries more of her weight in her glutes and legs, she might want to use less coverage to show off the glutes and legs, where someone who has skinny legs and is thin top to bottom, without a lot of curves, may want slightly more coverage to give the illusion of having larger glutes.

Talk to the company and suit maker if ordering a custom suit with any questions you have, and they will be able to assist you further on what will be best and customize it to fit you!

#4 - The connectors and stones

There are a ton of different options for these!

If you want all of the glam we recommend adding all of the stones to fit your style for what makes you happy and feel great. We have found that having a fully blinged out bikini will make you stand out on stage, compared to those who have minimal stones on theirs.

The colors of the stones can give the bikini suit different designs and colors to add to the fabric if you choose as well, which makes it fun and for yours to stand out, even more, showcasing your personality and style.

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For the bottoms

As for the connectors, some women find that if you hold most of your weight in your glutes and your legs, then the really big dangle connectors makes your hips and lower body look bigger compared to using the more simple connectors on the suit bottoms. You would ultimately want your connectors to all match and look cohesive to finish off your suit.

For the top

If you are not blessed with a larger chest, you can use padding and molded cups in the top to help give the appearance of a larger and perkier chest.

However, if you have breast implants, then you may not need as much padding to help shape your breasts. The judges are looking for symmetry and being feminine on stage. You DO NOT need to have breast implants to compete as there has been plenty of women who win and don't have large breasts.

You can give the illusion of having larger breasts by also ordering a cup size smaller than you will be so that you can see a little bit more of them on stage. Enough coverage that you are not falling out of your top though.

green suit

All in all, you will want your bikini competition suit to compliment your personality, style, body, hair, skin tone, and ultimately make you look and feel your best on the stage!

Have fun with it and have fun shopping for your new competition bikini suit!

We also offer Competition Suits that are made to order and custom to you. 

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We custom make competition suits for competitors and would be happy to go over design, cut, and color with you to make sure you have your dream suit as you step on stage. 

Creating a suit made just for you will also make you stand out on stage in front of the judges so it should emulate you, your hard work, and your personality. 

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