What I've learned from my first Bikini Competition Prep so far

What I've learned from my first Bikini Competition Prep so far

There are many misconceptions about prepping for your first show. From no food to you have to do lots of cardio to no cheat meals to brain fog to being super hungry.

It can be scary and intimidating.

I have been prepping for my first show since October and I learned that this information is completely not true. It is not scary or intimidating AT ALL!

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What I've learned from my first Bikini Competition Prep so Far


When I first started prep in October; I thought I would not be allowed to eat a lot or have carbs. I thought dieting would lead me to having no energy and brain fog. I was wrong.

I am currently doing “if it fits you Marcos” also known as flexible dieting. I am eating 2100 calories and most of it is coming from carbs.

I have lots of energy for my life and my workouts. I follow my meal plan 6 days and I get to have a cheat meal on the seventh day.

There is no brain fog because I am getting the fuel my brain and body needs. There is NO need to take supplements or crazy hungry pains or mood swings.


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So far this prep has taught me that you CAN get results and eat allot and you CAN have carbs. There are NO forbidden foods. 

I have learned that there is no guilt if I strew up.

You can be on prep and eat on the holidays; the most important thing is to stay constant with your workouts and your plan after. I

have also learned some stuff about working out while you are on prep. 


Michelle Lifting to Train for Bikini Competition


Before starting prep, I thought I had to workout everyday and do hours of cardio.

I thought I would have be in the gym hours at a time and you couldn’t do it from home.

Since I started prep I learned I don’t have to do cardio for hours everyday. I also learned I can work out at home with minimal equipment. While on prep my workouts are challenging but fun.

90% of the time, my workouts are about 45 minutes with out hours of cardio.

I get my cardio through supersets. I have learned that I don’t have to do fasted cardio as soon as I get up and lifting is enough.

When it comes to working out the most important thing I have learned since starting prep is to rest when I feel tried.

You will not be able see results if your body is super stressed.


The key items I have learned from prep is: food is fuel. . . eat the body needs it. Cardio is important but not everything. It is ok to struggle just keep at it.


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